Become a real-life hero in Tokyo.

Every Halloween, Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward gets a bad wrap for its unofficial street party, as local partygoers and foreign tourists mark the occasion by crowding the streets looking for love, cosplay, and sometimes, trouble.

There is, however, one saving grace that receives some much-needed media attention the day after the Halloween celebrations, and that’s the cleanup crews who appear with garbage bags and superhero costumes to clear the streets of trash and restore everyone’s faith in humanity.

The good work these groups do isn’t just a happy coincidence — the cleanup crews organise their activities in advance of the event, and in Shibuya it’s the real-life hero team “Nexus Forever” that steals the show every year.

▼ The group was out and about in Shibuya last weekend.

Nexus Forever brings the fun of cosplay to cleaning up, and this year they’re looking for “real-life heroes” to help them with their superhero duties. Their next mission begins on 1 November, with two early-bird shifts: 4-5 a.m. and 6-8 a.m.

While the earlier start time might sound like a difficult commitment, it’s actually convenient for those already out partying in their costumes at clubs in the area. And whether you’re in costume or just out in regular clothes, Nexus Forever is happy to welcome you to their cleanup party, either by turning up on the day or by filling in an application form beforehand on their website.

▼ Just some of the superheroes who cleaned the streets after last week’s party.

The meeting place is Hachiko Square outside Shibuya station (where the Hachiko statue is located), and volunteers are asked to being two things:

・ Cleaning tools such as gloves and tongs (No garbage bag required)
・ Health Insurance card (Only for your own safety in case of emergency; there’s no requirement to present it to anybody)

The one requirement is that participants must be over 18 years of age.

We spoke to a rep from the group to find out more about their mission, and apparently the cleanup crew only began their work in 2017. The following year, they added the cosplay element, and now they’re hoping their group can grow to pick up even more trash from the streets this year.

They say they understand that when people come to Shibuya, the area has an exciting feel that gets people pumped, which is why some people might get too rowdy for their own good at this time of year. And that’s exactly why cleanup crews are needed, to remind people to be mindful of their trash and show that there are people who care about Shibuya.

If that sounds like a job for you, then grab your tongs, gloves, and hero costume and head out to Shibuya early on 1 November. And if you’re looking for a quick breakfast spot in the area, Shibuya’s Ghost Burger King outlet will be serving up Ghost Whoppers until 5 a.m.

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