Action star goes incognito at an unlikely location to support his new support range. 

From Angelina Jolie to Will Smith and Keanu Reeves, Japan has had a lot of famous visitors in recent months. However, one celebrity appears to have snuck into the country without anybody noticing, avoiding the paparazzi with all the stealth of a martial arts expert and surprising everybody by popping up at a home centre in Tokyo yesterday.

That’s right, action star Jackie Chan is currently in the capital, avoiding attention by going incognito in a tracksuit and face mask. However, for fans in Japan, Chan was instantly recognisable, with an entourage surrounding him, as he perused the aisles of Super Viva Home at Toyosu.

While superstars like Kanye West have shown an interest in Japanese home centres before, Chan wasn’t looking for DIY design inspiration at Viva Home. Instead, he appeared to be showing support for his support range, while stopping to cuddle a puppy at the pet section shortly afterwards.

Super Viva Home stocks the “Action Support Project with Jackie Chan” range of supports and braces for joints and muscles.

While Chan is widely considered to be a legendary martial arts movie star, he’s also a prominent and outspoken supporter of the Communist Party of China, especially regarding issues with Taiwan and Hong Kong, so it’s likely his team wanted the low-key home centre appearance to fly under the radar.

Unless Chan was to arrange an out-of-hours visit to the store under the cover of night, though, there was always a chance that someone with a keen eye would be ready to spot him and share his whereabouts on Twitter.

However, we can safely say that one person who definitely won’t be publicising any meetup with Chan is Yoshiki from X Japan, who received a lot of flack for having dinner with Chan earlier this year.

Source: Twitter/@sakura28951 
Featured image: Twitter/@kei_yuu_xx
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