For a drummer, he really doesn’t have the best timing in the world.

Although the visual kei style of Japanese rock group X Japan is often dark and violent, fans know all too well how sweet and endearing its members really are. From the occasionally befuddled charm of drummer Yoshiki to the Christmas pancakes of singer Toshi, these guys don’t seem to have a bad bone in their body.

And on 12 June, Yoshiki’s social media accounts revealed what he thought would be an exciting image for his fans depicting a private dinner between himself and legendary martial arts actor Jackie Chan.

Considering your perspective on current events, you could interpret this photo two ways. On the one hand, it’s two giants of their respective arts having a chat over a nice dinner. On the other hand, it’s Yoshiki smiling and laughing with a prominent and outspoken supporter of the Communist Party of China, especially regarding issues with Taiwan and Hong Kong.

And considering the bitter and violent protests currently taking place in Hong Kong over a controversial law that would allow the mainland to extradite people from the territory, it’s understandably not the best time to be yucking it up with Jackie Chan. So, Yoshiki did take a little heat from his photo in the replies on his Instagram and Twitter accounts: (replies presented as originally posted, with minor changes)

“Jackie Chan is a supporter of dictatorship, you rather have dinner with him and ignored the president of the first democratic republic country in Asia?”
“We hate jackie! just a running dog of communist china!”
“We are X, and f*ck Jackie chan”
“Why you can dinner with a sh*t?”
“I live in Hong Kong I like [Chan], he is no saint but he has his merit.”
“I am sorry, X and you is very important to me and i love you very much. but your photo with this guy made me cry and tear.”

For the most part it was Chan who took most of the verbal abuse with Yoshiki only receiving the occasional “shame on you” and questions of “why?” Still, being the sensitive guy he is, Yoshiki couldn’t sit quiet after causing fans even mild discomfort.

And of course, being the sensitive bunch they are, X Japan fans were quick to support him.

“I don’t know what kind of tweets you’ve got or seen, but we’ll always love you and you don’t have to worry about that.”
“[Yoshiki] doesn’t do business with JC, neither he is involved with politics. It’s just a personal meeting for dinner, nothing more.”
“Please don’t apologize for us. We know exactly how you feel. Thank you for your concern about us.”
“What happened?”
“I like Jacky chen and Yoshiki!!”
“I think it’s his freedom to eat with any one. You should not argue about our own political issues with him.”
“You guys should keep your politics and personal hatred out of Yoshiki sama’s page. Have some respect.”
“It’s definitely bad timing, but no big deal really.”

All’s well that ends well for the rock star who is by all accounts just a swell guy. Jackie Chan, however, seems to be hemorrhaging goodwill left and right these days. We can only hope that this isn’t hurting our good friend Jackie Chen‘s impersonation business too badly.

Source: Twitter/@YoshikiOfficial, Instagram/yoshikiofficial, Nikkan Sports, Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Twitter/@YoshikiOfficial
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