The iconic green train car that sits in front of Shibuya Station’s Hachiko statue is finding a new home.

If you’ve ever been to Shibuya Station in Tokyo, then you have probably seen the green train car that sits next to the subway entrance, right across from the statue of the loyal dog, Hachiko. It’s fairly iconic; it stands out among the modern buildings and neon lights as an old-school reminder of the railway vehicles that were used in Tokyo between 1954 and 1986.

The “Aogaeru”, (“Green Frog”) as it’s affectionately known, is currently home to a tourist information center run by the Shibuya Ward Sightseeing Association, but in June 2020 it will find a new home and take on a new role in Odate City, Akita prefecture, which is where the Akita, the breed of the real-life Hachiko, originates. It will sit across from Odate Station, next to the Akita Dog Visitor Center and Odate’s own Hachiko statue, and will serve as a symbol of the close relationship between the two cities.

Instead of a tourist information center, the Aogaeru will take on a new role as a mini-museum about the history of Shibuya and Odate, and seats will also be installed so that visitors can rest inside it. The two cities hope the installation of the train car in its new home will strengthen their connection as “Hachiko’s two hometowns”, and help increase tourism to both areas.

The old train car will be sorely missed, but with Shibuya getting a brand new Pokémon Center Megastore and the first ever Nintendo-dedicated shop, as well as a swanky new shopping center and skydeck, we’re excited to see what else will come to the old party town in its stead!

Source, images: PR Times
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