Tokyo’s Shibuya is one of the busiest parts of one of the world’s busiest cities. Ginza is filled with high-class cafes, Harajuku is bordered by the tranquil Meiji Shrine, and Shinjuku’s Shinjuku Gyoen is a sprawling green space in the center of the city, but Shibuya is all glitzy entertainment, fashionable boutiques, and trendy restaurants.

But even in Shibuya, every now and then something happens that makes people stop in their tracks and take a moment to smile, like the sight of this adorable kitty taking a nap under the statue of Japan’s most famous pooch.

As countless comic strips, cartoons, and other fonts of indisputable wisdom have taught us, cats and dogs don’t get along. Heck, sometimes it’s hard for even human beings to see eye to eye if they don’t agree on which of the world’s two most popular pets is the superior animal.

You’d imagine the situation to be even worse with the Akita Inu breed of dog. Cute as they may look, they’re not typically the friendliest fellas, as the breed has a tendency towards being territorial and isn’t particularly quick to accept or trust new faces.

We imagine Hachiko was an exception, though. The beloved symbol of loyalty formed a bond with the people of Shibuya as he waited patiently for almost 10 years for his already deceased owner to come home from work via Shibuya Station, Today, the statue erected in Hachiko’s honor in Shibuya is similarly sociable. It’s one of the city’s most commonly used meeting points, and on any given day you’ll see dozens of people clustered around the statue waiting for their friends or dates to arrive.

As a matter of fact, Hachiko’s statue has such a welcoming aura that, last weekend, this Tokyo alley cat had no qualms about curling up in the shade of his frame for an afternoon snooze.

“I saw this amazing sight in Shibuya today,” tweeted @casuzu222. “Man, it’s just too much for me to handle,” he said of the cuteness on display, and we’re sure plenty of passersby offered an appreciative “Kawaii (cute)!” in response to the scene.

Hopefully they squealed quietly, though, so as not to interrupt Hachiko’s new friend’s nap.

Source: Twitter/@casuzu222