Everyone, do you know where the world’s northernmost McDonald’s is? Here’s a hint: you can sometimes spot the aurora borealis from there. Our Japanese reporter recently headed up north to check it out and brought back some very cool photos that we wanted to share with you.

If you’re still unsure of where this icy location could be, McDonald’s northernmost branch happens to be in Finland’s Rovaniemi City, only about 10 kilometers outside the Arctic Circle. Rovaniemi is located a one-hour plane ride north of Finland’s capital, Helsinki, and is famous for being home to the Santa Claus village amusement park, which attracts many visitors each year. Visitors and locals alike frequent the 24-hour McDonald’s restaurant in the area.


▼ For a fast food joint, it actually looks quite picturesque


▼ Not sure about the snowman, though!




This branch is famous for being the McDonald’s closest to the North Pole than any other in the world. Furthermore, it is the sole McDonald’s from which you can occasionally gaze upon the beautiful aurora borealis. Hamburgers and the Northern Lights, together at last!

The aurora can usually only be seen in the extreme north of the Arctic Circle, but they can be seen from Rovaniemi on rare occasions as well, due to its close proximity.

Inside the shop, there are special aurora borealis McDonald’s posters limited to this branch only. Many tourists take the opportunity to snap pictures next to these one-of-a-kind posters.







▼ Is it just us, or does this McGrub look far more delicious than our own?




So, if you ever have a chance to visit the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, you should definitely stop by this McDonald’s as well and take a commemorative photograph!

Images: RocketNews24

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