A deep reason behind a simple act.

Old Japanese men have quite often surprised us with their hip fashion, prowess at Pokémon GO, and ability to build giant, terrifying robots.

And when it comes to dispensing wisdom, it seems they have no shortage of that as well.

Japanese Twitter user @mikitachuo recently posted a conversation they had with their own grandfather where they were given some surprisingly sage advice about coin flips, and it blew up online. Here’s the original tweet:

▼ We’d like to know what spurred this conversation.
A difficult life choice, or just talking about yen? (Translation below)

“My grandpa told me that when you’re faced with a tough choice, flip a coin. I thought he meant to do it because feeling conflicted is a waste of time and flipping a coin just gets it over with by leaving it up to fate. But I was wrong. During that moment the coin is in the air, you’ll hope to yourself for it to ‘please land on heads!’ or ‘please land on tails!’ Whichever you want in that moment is your true desire. That’s what  grandpa meant.”

Dang. I did not expect advice regarding a literal coin flip to have such a profound meaning behind it.

But when you think about it, it really makes sense. Sometimes we humans have a tendency to overthink things, weighing the pros and cons so heavily that it starts to crush our minds.

However, if we can force ourselves to mentally remove that weight by flipping a coin, and give our gut and heart a chance to give their opinions too, then suddenly a tough decision can become a lot easier.

Here’s how Japanese netizens reacted to this one-coin wisdom:

“That’s true. When I was a kid, I would just reflip coins until I got the result I wanted.”
“I used a coin flip to pick my major.”
“It’s a good way to bring your subconscious to light. Nice, grandpa!”
“My grandpa told me the same thing, but with dice since I’m bad at flipping coins.”
“I will no longer flip spoons, but coins instead.”
“That’s so cool. I’d love to see a scene of a character doing this in a manga.”

That grandpa has probably flipped an important coin or two during his life, and now he got to pass on that sacred knowledge to his descendants. The life experience of our elders is truly a treasure indeed.

…now if we can just get them to stop using inappropriate items as flower vases, everything would be great.

Source: Twitter/@mikitachuo via My Game News Flash
Top image: Pakutaso
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