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We all know that Hello Kitty is one busy and extremely capable, well, business…cat, shall we say? And yes, we love her for it, too. So, what new adorable form has she taken this time?

Well, it seems she’s now gotten close and personal with money — Japanese coins, to be exact. But not to worry, she hasn’t gotten involved in the counterfeiting business. She’s come up with magnets on which she appears attached to different Japanese coins, and as always, she manages to look cool and cute in the process!

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Now, aren’t the magnets just darling? The “Hello Kitty Coin Cast Magnet” series is offered by Asunaro-sha, the Japanese character goods maker known for their “Gotochi Kitty” line of regional limited-edition Hello Kitty goods from different parts of Japan, and in this case, it looks like they’ve done a pretty good job of giving money a cute face.

Of course, the coins aren’t real, but they’re roughly the same colors as the real deal, so they have a somewhat authentic look. And we have to say we’re tickled by how Hello Kitty looks so cute and tiny next to the larger coins. The magnets come in five designs, each featuring a different coin, and we wouldn’t be surprised if you’re tempted to collect all of them.

▼This is the magnet with the 5-yen coin looking pretty in gold.
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▼Here’s the 10-yen coin version, lovely in a shiny, pinkish copper.
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▼We also have the 50-yen magnet …
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▼… and the 100-yen version.  Goodness, Hello Kitty looks adorable perched on top of a coin like that!
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▼And finally, we also have the 500-yen magnet, the highest denomination coin in circulation in Japan.
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And since they’re magnets, you can have fun sticking them all over various metal surfaces to add some kawaii to your surroundings.

▼The magnets can be used on refrigerators at home ….
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▼… or on schedule boards at the office.HK board

▼You can also check out other special edition Hello Kitty goods on the Asunaro-sha site, like these kabuki-themed polyresin magnets:
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The five Hello Kitty coin magnets are available for 540 yen (US$4.58) each from the Asunaro-sha online shop and also at Sanrio-ya shops across Japan. Although we admit we’re quite partial to anything involving Hello Kitty, we honestly think these magnets could make great souvenirs if you’re visiting Japan, since they have an attractive design while having a clearly Japanese theme at the same time.

If you do get your hands on these magnets, sure, you can use them as regular magnets, but we also think it might be fun keeping one of these in your wallet as a kind of charm — who knows, it may bring you wealth and luck!

Source: Asunaro-sha website
Top image and photos of Hello Kitty Coin Cast Magnet: Asunaro-sha website and Asunaro-sha online shop
Photo of Hello Kitty Kabuki magnets: Facebook (Gotochi Kitty)

Original Article by: Cinnamon (c) Pouch
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