Guess he got a little more than he bargained for…

Capsule machines are up there with UFO catchers as some of the most frustrating and yet alluring things in Japan, because sometimes, if you’re really lucky, you might get something really cool for a little bit of money, and sometimes you just won’t. Unlike UFO catchers, though, capsule machines are pretty straightforward and usually aren’t rigged against you; you’re always going to get something for the money you spend, even if it’s not exactly what you wanted.

Still, striving to get that one particular capsule toy likely means you’ll be spending quite a bit of cash and getting a lot of toys that you didn’t want, as demonstrated by one Japanese man. He really wanted the frog from the below selection of animals that looked like they’re praying, so he put coin after coin in, in an attempt to get what he wanted.

There were several varieties of animals that he could get, so the likelihood that the man would get the frog was low, especially because some theorize that within each capsule machine some toys are rarer than others. So, according to his wife, @poyoyome, who documented his adventure on Twitter, he tried so many times that he ended up acquiring two cats, two dogs, two otters, a rabbit, two Serval cats, and three elephants by the time he finally got a frog, spending a total of 2,600 yen (US$23).

But when he stood them all together, he got something a little more than he expected:

The frog looks like he is leading his fellow animals in prayer, while the others all look like they’re bowing down to him as they stand in neat rows. He had accidentally made a kinda creepy animal cult!

While our first instinct is to reject any free event tickets and run for the hills, Japanese netizens seemed less creeped out, and more admiring of the scene:

“How cute! lol The frog is the founder of the sect!”
“I’m glad he finally got the frog (´;ω;`)”
“Awesome! Now I want some haha”
“It’s a perfect balance hahahaha”
“This made me really want the frog too lol”
“I wonder if the panda is the rarest, since he didn’t get any?”

Overall, it looks like @poyoyome’s husband is satisfied with his haul, and isn’t terrified that his animals will come to life in a Toy Story-like twist and try to convert him to their new religion, so it wasn’t all bad. On the flip side, however, judging by the comments, his wife may have inadvertently converted a few new followers to the cult just by sharing her creepy-cute photos. Hopefully it doesn’t turn into anything too wacky!

Source: Twitter/@poyoyome via My Game News Flash
Featured Image: Twitter/@poyoyome