This amazing suit of samurai armor is made of five-yen coins, and you can make your own too【Pics】

Beautiful mother/son work of art meets a bittersweet end at the hands of the one enemy it can’t defeat.

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We turn 100,000 yen into 100,000 one-yen coins, in the spirit of New Year’s generosity

Nothing says “Thanks for all your hard work!” like a bonus from your boss given entirely in Japan’s smallest-denomination coins.

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Elderly Shanghai traveler throws coins into jet engine for luck, grounds plane for five hours

You can’t always solve a problem by throwing money at it. In fact, you might just cause one instead.

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Does Japan’s five-yen coin need a foreigner-friendly redesign?

Japanese citizens feel the symbolism-rich coin, which lacks something, can make travel in Japan difficult for foreign guests.

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Japanese escalator cleaning crew discovers an absurd amount of change

If you thought there was a lot of change between your couch cushions, you should check out escalators in Japan.

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Japan’s 500-yen coin has two hidden messages, and here’re where to find them 【Photos】

The country’s largest coin has something to say to you.

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The mesmerizing art of stacking Japanese coins 【Photos】

Here’s a beautifully compelling reason to hang onto your change when you go shopping in Japan.

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Cute cat and its human create homemade Japanese money box with hilarious results!【Video】

While Japanese coin box toys feature sweet cats who kindly take your change for safekeeping, real cats like this prefer to do other things with your money!

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Hello Kitty keeping as busy as ever — this time she collaborates with…money itself!

We all know that Hello Kitty is one busy and extremely capable, well, business…cat, shall we say? And yes, we love her for it, too. So, what new adorable form has she taken this time?

Well, it seems she’s now gotten close and personal with money — Japanese coins, to be exact. But not to worry, she hasn’t gotten involved in the counterfeiting business. She’s come up with magnets on which she appears attached to different Japanese coins, and as always, she manages to look cool and cute in the process!

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Advertising 101: Choose your words carefully, even when selling fish food

Making a succinct sign can be tricky. You want to be economical with your words, but that can lead to the trap of be too vague. A good rule of thumb would be to assume you – the sign maker – is of average intelligence. This means a lot of people are smarter than you but just as many people are stupider than you.

That strategy might have stopped this poor koi pond manager from lowering his “Koi Food 10 Yen” to “Koi Food Free.” The rest of the sign in the following translation tells the sad tale.

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This restaurant’s in a bit of a pinch and is enlisting your help!

The other day, a Kyoto branch of popular gyūdon (beef bowl) fast-food chain Sukiya ran into some trouble. We’ll let you know upfront that the shop was not invaded by a clan of ninja, nor by a stampede of ravenous gaijin. And no, it had absolutely nothing to do with a Godzilla attack.

No, dear readers, the truth was something far more ominous. 

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Misprinted 1-yen coin sells for US$27,500 at auction

I kid you not, dear reader, someone in Japan just paid tens of thousands of dollars for a single one-yen coin–a tiny disc of aluminium whose ordinary street value is just US$0.009.

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Chinese Man Accidentally Invents Cash Magnet, Tunes it up and Turns Pro

With the help of a powerful home-made magnet, a man in Nanjing, China, now spends his days collecting small change dropped in streets, rivers and drains, sometimes amassing enough to pay his daily living expenses.

After accidentally dropping one of his valuable farming tools into a nearby river, Aibao Cheng struck upon the idea of attaching a few magnets from a broken radio to a long pole and fishing around in the water. When he discovered that his quickly assembled device had picked up a small handful of coins after just a few minutes, he wondered what would happen with an even more powerful magnet…

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