The sweetest part is that “Silver Tetsuya’s” photographer is none other than his beloved grandson.

Japan’s low birthrate and aging population are two of the biggest challenges facing its society today. Rounding out the very bottom of the list of the country’s 47 prefectures in terms of lowest proportion of children to total population is Akita Prefecture in the northern Tohoku region at 10.1 percent. While that means the relatively rural, mountainous Akita Prefecture is overflowing with seniors, at least one of those citizens is gaining some unlikely attention for his killer style.

Meet the 84-year-old former teacher from Akita known online as @SLVR.TETSUYA. His newfound fame is thanks to his  grandson, Twitter user @yeah70, who one day decided to dress him in fashionable clothing and then upload the photos online. The positive response was so overwhelming that @yeah70 then created an Instagram account for his grandfather to continue uploading more fashion shoot spreads. The account is currently boasting 28,500 followers whom are affectionately referred to as “students.”

The grandfather-grandson team is so effective that we wouldn’t be surprised if some of the hottest fashion magazines come knocking on Silver Tetsuya’s door in the very near future.

Sometimes the photos come with interesting quotes or anecdotes such as: “I’m part of the generation that thought having your picture taken would steal your soul.”

▼ Here’s an adorable photo with his 84-year-old wife, Chizuko, garbed in her ordinary citizen’s attire.

▼ Silver Tetsuya looks absolutely ready to drop an album in this stunner.

Net users couldn’t get enough of the unlikely fashion model and left their compliments online:

“This…is too cool.”
“At 84, he’s a late-blooming model of exploding popularity.”
“It’s not just the high fashion, but also the skill of the photographer and the subject.”
“The stylish clothes in contrast to the countryside scenery really highlights your grandfather’s vigor. I love it so much that I’d also like to see you dress other grandfathers and grandmothers and then release a photo collection.”
“I bet that’s what you’ll look like 60 years from now…!”

Be sure to follow Silver Tetsuya’s Instagram if you want to follow his further forays into high fashion. If he’d like to expand his skills from modeling to singing, perhaps he could join the Rishiri Boys hip hop unit just a bit to the north!

Source: Twitter/@yeah70 via Togetter
Featured image: Twitter/@yeah70
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