No coronavirus divorce worries here.

Obviously, couples get married because they want to spend more time together. However, with the coronavirus outbreak forcing many people to not only work from home but also stay in the house all weekend long, there’s a concern among some people that their spouses’ idiosyncrasies, that they’re able to take in stride as forgivable quirks in small doses, are going to become argument-triggering sources of annoyance and aggravation when they’re trapped together under the same roof 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

And yes, there certainly are going to be some couples who come out of the coronavirus crisis with their relationships in worse shape than they were before…but Japanese Twitter user @P_chan_papa and his wife aren’t going to be one of them, judging from his recent tweet.

“My wife is telecommuting, and watching close-up, day after day as she speaks crisply in phone conferences, uses kind words to hand out assignments, and deftly types away at her keyboard in our home, I think to myself ‘This is such a bonus to see.’

She assertively tells her boss her opinion, and treats the younger staff members kindly, and all I can feel is ‘I love her so much…’

This at-home office romance touched the heart of other Twitter users, who left comments such as:

“SO much love!”
“Now you’ve got to do your best so she’ll think how cool you are when you’re working too.”
“Your wife is a lovely person.”
“I think the two of you sound like a lovely couple.”
“Definitely a good point of working from home.”
“You hear rumors of coronavirus divorces to come, but seeing each other at work can make the relationship feel fresh too…It’s not all bad.”
“I think your (happy) family is going to get bigger.”

It’s a heartwarming reminder that life is always better with the right partner, and that in tough times, there’s nothing quite like some love from a family member.

Source: Twitter/@P_chan_papa via Hachima Kiko
Top image: Pakutaso
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