Hilarious series of images from Japan show even Jason is concerned about COVID-19.

Friday the 13th is a day that’s tied up with some of the most frightening characters from the world of cinema, and one of the most notorious faces to pop up around this time of year is Jason Voorhees, the cold-blooded murderer from the Friday the 13th horror movie series which first debuted in 1980.

Hockey-masked Jason has been creeping into everyone’s nightmares since making his killing debut in the ’80s, and later resurfacing for some more bloodshed in the early 21st century as well. While he’s been keeping a curiously low profile recently, this year Jason appeared in Japan in the lead-up to Friday the 13th, giving a surprise press conference to inform everyone that the coronavirus would be impinging on this year’s activities.

“This month’s Friday the 13th has been called off.”

Jason then appeared to break down after his announcement, with Freddy Krueger stepping in to console him.

With Prime Minister Abe calling for large events and gatherings to be cancelled or postponed, a number of well-known theme parks and tourist sites in Japan remain closed temporarily. Whether or not the lack of crowds to slaughter weighed in on his decision to call off Friday the 13th, it appears that Jason is keeping in line with the Prime Minister’s cautionary guidelines, which includes telecommuting from home too.

▼ Look out! Jason’s working from home tonight… with Sadako and Chucky in the room.

Jason and his figurine handler, Twitter user @suekichiii, quickly went viral online, ratcheting up thousands of likes and retweets for their cleverly staged images.

▼ “Oh crap!” says Jason, as he spots himself trending online.

People around Japan found themselves strangely relating to Jason and his efforts to socially distance himself from others during the coronavirus outbreak.

“It’s a hard time for us all.”
“Don’t cry — hang in there, Jason!”
“This must’ve been a painful decision for him to make.”
“Jason’s scared of the coronavirus too! That must be why he’s wearing a full face mask.” 
“Not a great mask against the coronavirus with all those holes in it….”
“I never thought I’d say this but… Jason’s gestures are so kawaii!!!”

Like Jason, a lot of us will probably be staying indoors this Friday the 13th as we wait for the coronavirus pandemic to die down. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t find ways to entertain ourselves at home though, so put away the axe, Jason, and enjoy some of the free manga being provided online during the coronavirus outbreak.

And why not get a pizza delivered while you’re at it? Now with the new zero-contact service being offered by Domino’s and Pizza Hut in Japan, it’s probably the only time Jason can get a pizza delivered to his front door!

Source, featured image: Twitter/@suekichiii
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