Father of baby girl gets a day off, plus a budget to enjoy it with.

Recently, the Internet’s collective heart has been warmed on multiple occasions by Japanese husbands showing their appreciation for all their wives do. One man reimbursed his wife for the six months’ of breast milk she’d given their child, while another took three days off from work not so he could go on a trip or relax, but so that he could completely take care of the kids and housework and his wife could do whatever she wanted.

Of course, the happiest families are those in which both husband and wife support one another, and that seems to be the sort of household that Japanese Twitter user Hiroto (@chanhanaaaaaa) has. After getting married in late 2017, Last spring, Hiroto’s wife gave birth to a baby girl, the young couple welcomed their first child in spring of last year, the chubby-cheeked little girl seen below.


Those are some significant lifestyle changes to have come in such rapid succession, and Hiroto now has far more responsibilities to meet than he did just a few years ago. He seems to be handling things with aplomb, though, as evidenced by the letter from his wife that was waiting for him when he got home the other day.


Written in bold characters on the front of the envelope is the Japanese word kansha, meaning “with appreciation,” and inside, Hiroto’s wife had included 20,000 yen (US$180) in cash plus a hand-written a note, which reads:

A present for you: One day off
● Any day is OK. Let me know when you pick one.
● You can spend the money however you want (playing pachinko, going to a hot spring, going out to eat, going out to drink, etc.).
● Come home whenever you feel like it (just don’t be extremely late)
● On that day, when you’re at home, you don’t have to do anything.

This is a present for you for being a dad who’s always working so hard every day. Thank you, always.”

“I’m so grateful to my wife,” tweeted Hiroto along with the photo. “Off to enjoy my day off!”

Commenters were also deeply moved by the gesture, saying:

“Even more than the money, it’s the letter that feels special. You can tell how deep your love for one another is.”
“Your wife is divine.”
“Definitely a strong candidate for wife of the year.”
“I read this first thing in the morning, and it’s so touching. I’m sure the two of you will always be happy together.”
“I have no idea what your wife looks like, but she’s truly beautiful.”

Along with all the praise for his wife’s kindness, Hiroto himself also received a number of compliments, with other Twitter users saying he must be a pretty helpful and considerate husband/dad to inspire such generosity from his wife. This being Japan, where manners dictate that when someone gives you a gift you’re supposed to give them a thank-you gift in return, odds are Hiroto will have something nice planned for his wife soon, which will in turn have her ready to return the favor, which sounds like a wonderful, loving environment for their daughter to grow up in.

Source: Twitter/@chanhanaaaaaa via IT Media
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