Today, let’s all try to be as calm and confident as this kid.

Gather any group of friends for a casual group photo in Japan, and it’s a pretty sure bet that at least one person will be flashing the peace sign for the camera. But here’s the funny thing: no one is ever taught to make the gesture.

Sure, you’ll hear parents tell their kids “Look over here” or “Smile” when they’re taking photos of their kids, but never “OK, put your peace sign up!” It’s just something kids start doing on their own, and it carries on into adulthood.

How early does it start? In the case of the child of Japanese Twitter user @madoka_people, apparently it starts in the womb.

Like a lot of people, @madoka_people hasn’t been in the brightest mood these days, as she explains in the tweet:

“I’m currently seven months pregnant. I’m still feeling sad about the death of [Japanese comedian] Ken Shimura, who I liked so much, and feeling uneasy about what’s going to happen with the coronavirus situation. But still, I had to go to the doctor for my pregnancy checkup.

When I did, my baby flashed me the peace sign from inside of me.

And now I’m cheered up.”

Sure enough, the coming addition to @madoka_people’s family looks to be casually flashing the peace sign, as though saying “Hey, don’t worry, it’s gonna be all right.” The display of casual confidence radiated out through Twitter, with commenters saying:

“That’s one tough baby!”
“An ultra-wonderful ultrasound…Iyasaremashita.”
“My pregnant coworker has been feeling really worried lately, so I showed her this, and it moved her to tears and made her smile.”
“No way that kid is gonna get beat by the coronavirus!”
“This photo might just save Japan.”

Considering how much care they need, it’s typical to think of babies as a drain on their parents’ energy levels. But love and support flow both ways, and this baby is already giving back to Mom for all she has been, and will be, doing.

So thanks, kid, for the reminder that if we all stick together, we’ll find a way to get through these scary times.

Source: Twitter/@madoka_people via Wadai no Gazo ga Wakaru Site
Images: Twitter@madoka_people
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