That’s one way to stick it to the pandemic.

These days even the simplest of tasks have been complicated by our modern-day plague. Convenience stores have had to set up counter-wide sneeze-guards, and you can’t even set up a simple cafe dedicated to a dead cartoon crocodile any more.

As for elevators, well, there’s never been a better time to get some much needed exercise and hike it up the stairs instead. Your body will thank you for it in the long run, and it saves you from having to touch the same buttons as an untold number of other people.

▼ You never know who’s been in there before you….

Of course, not everyone can do that due to physical limitations, and they are forced to take their chances with whatever microorganisms might be lurking on those buttons. That’s why at least one manager of a building with an elevator has come up with a simple — and by all appearances cost-effective — solution to communal buttons.

This clever system was spotted by Twitter user Turkey (@j_turkey) on 4 April.

As shown in the photos, on both the outside and inside of the elevator are blocks of styrofoam taped to the walls and stabbed with scores of toothpicks. Notes taped nearby instruct passengers to use a toothpick to press the button to their desired floor. Underneath them are paper cups to discard the toothpicks once used.

It appears the manager also had the foresight to tape over the buttons to prevent the scraping caused by getting repeatedly hit with toothpicks.

Others online were amused but not entirely convinced of its effectiveness.

“All it would take is for some idiot to cough on the whole thing.”
“They should do this in public buildings too.”
“Another great idea using the noble toothpick.”
“The toothpicks are too closely packed together though, someone could easily accidentally touch the surrounding ones.”
“Did the guy who installed the toothpicks get tested?”
“Everyone should just carry around their own toothpick instead.”
“One of the picks should have ‘winner’ written on it and then get a prize like popsicle sticks do.”

As many people pointed out, it’s hardly foolproof, but the system is certainly better than nothing and could still potentially make a big difference. Probably the one comment suggesting everyone carry their own poking sticks is on the right track.

Toothpicks are potentially damaging to unprotected surfaces though, so be sure to cover the tip with some kind of padding. Perhaps using an eraser-tipped pencil or Light-Up Poop Stick could work better.

Personally, I’m going to stick with the stairs from here on out. I haven’t used an elevator in weeks, and suddenly finding myself no longer sweating when I type or going “Uuugghhhharrraahhhh” when getting up from a chair has been nice.

Source: Twitter/@j_turkey, My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@j_turkey
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