If only we could all have landlords like this.

With a worrying spike in coronavirus cases and Prime Minister Abe declaring a state of emergency for Tokyo and six other prefectures on 7 April, it’s a concerning time for everyone in Japan right now.

Compounded by the fact that a number of businesses are being asked to close by the government during the month-long state of emergency, it’s an especially tough period for those who have been laid off due to closures and the massive drop in revenue affecting businesses across the board.

While the central government has been criticised for failing to provide prompt, adequate financial support for individuals and businesses who need it, some people are taking matters into their own hands to immediately help individuals with their finances. One of those people is the landlord of Twitter user @xeconyr, who sent out the below notice to all tenants in the building.


The letter reads:

“We’re entering a nice season now, but I understand the days are difficult due to the coronavirus. While it’s not much, the landlord would like to show their concern by giving all tenants 20,000 yen [US$186]. Therefore, for the month of May, please deduct 20,000 yen from your monthly transfer for rent. I sincerely hope the state of emergency will pass without incident. I am praying for everyone’s health.”

Needless to say, the letter brought people to tears, with commenters wishing their own landlords would show the same amount of generosity and care during these uncertain times.

“This is amazing – what a wonderful landlord!”
“This act of kindness will definitely come back to them one day when they need it.”
“Politicians ought to take a leaf out of this landlord’s book.”
“I’m so glad to see there are decent people in the world!”
“If the person who owned my apartment was that nice, I wouldn’t ever leave!”

According to @xeconyr, this isn’t the first gesture of kindness received from their landlord, as Internet access is free for all tenants, and on the Winter Solstice holiday, the landlord handed out yuzu citrus fruits to everyone in the building. In Japan, bathing with yuzu on the Winter Solstice is a traditional custom believed to strengthen your immune system and keep you healthy during winter, so the gift of citrus from the owner is even more heartfelt as it’s essentially a wish for everyone’s good health.

@xeconyr says the landlord is considerate, wonderful, and dependable. Now that the kind letter has gone viral with over 410,000 retweets, hopefully more landlords will find it in their hearts to be just as generous.

Source: Twitter/@xeconyr via Jin
Top image: Pakutaso 

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