Adorable photos of capybara bathing with yuzu deliver the dose of cute that is just what the doctor ordered!

The winter solstice isn’t exactly a huge holiday in the West anymore, but in Japan, seasonal customs still have quite a bit of life left. One commonly practiced tradition is yuzuyu, or bathing with yuzu (citrus), on the night of the winter solstice. The belief is that this will help prevent catching colds, though we’re not sure any clinical studies have tested its effectiveness yet.

But even if a bath with yuzu won’t keep the sniffles at bay, at least it smells nice! And who can say no to a warm, pleasant-smelling bath after a day of work? Not us. And, it turns out, neither can capybara!

▼ Capybara indulging in yuzuyu at Izu Shaboten Park

In fact, it looks as if all the capybara in all the zoos and parks across Japan got to enjoy a bit of yuzu bathing on Tuesday, at least if Twitter can be trusted. Numerous photos of our favorite giant rodents luxuriating in citrusy baths floated around the social network, and they were just too adorable not to share!

▼ A capybara enjoying yuzuyu at Aquaworld Orai

▼ We love that they hung up a noren for the bath!

▼ “Excuse me, but that yuzu belongs in the water, not on my head!”

With perpetually sleepy and contented eyes and short, cute snouts, capybaras might just be the perfect animal to watch bathing. The looks on their faces absolutely ooze the same relaxed looks we get when soaking in the tub.

▼ They look so contented!




▼ And so do all of the cuties at Suzaka Zoo in Nagano

▼ The capybara at Daisen Tom-Sawyer Pasture know how to have a good time!



▼ And here’s our last tweet — another from Suzuka Zoo!


▼ This guy almost looks as if he’s inviting us in!


Well, that settles things: we know what our New Year’s resolution will be! Forget losing weight, studying, or saving money — our goal for next year is to take a yuzu bath with some capybara!

Sources: Hamusoku
Featured image: Twitter/@SpaceWorld_info