Guess it’s time to start scavenging for overshields and gravity hammers already.

Bit by bit, Tokyo appears to be getting into stay-at-home mode. I’d like to think it had a lot of do with PM Abe’s video where he appears to struggle with trying to look relaxed at home against a backdrop of soothing Gen Hoshino music.

I know I haven’t been tempted to go outside much since then, what with all the dunking on it happening online. I mean, really: Who watches TV from a dining room chair like that?

But with this welcome decrease in people outside, some changes are quickly taking place around the nation’s capital. First, it was a spike in rat sightings all over the city as the rodents became hungrier and more emboldened with fewer people around.

Now, Twitter user Minase (@37s_039), while passing through a train station that’s usually bustling with suited commuters, found it eerily desolate. Not only that, but the digital billboards that lined the area were all on the fritz.

▼ “It’s starting to feel like an abandoned city.”

The blue screens all over gave the station the look of a post-apocalyptic sci-fi film or video game. At least it would if the monitors weren’t showing a warning message instructing the owner to upgrade from Windows 7, which lost its tech support in January of this year.

But if you squint your eyes enough, you’d swear you were part of a team of elite space marines sent in to exterminate a cluster of xenomorphs which attacked a colony of terraformers.

It was a scene just begging to be Photoshopped, and so it was.

▼ “HALO”

“It became like an Umbrella lab.”

▼ “I put some Peppers in there.”

▼ “I tried making it into an SCP object.”

▼ “It looks like it’s being hacked by Marcus.”

▼ “dudun-dun-dudun”

▼ “I put a spinner in there.”

I guess the lesson to learn here is that people in charge of digital ads really need to keep an eye on things. Every screw-up is just an opportunity for Microsoft to rack up some sweet free advertising like this, or like they did back when they were giving out free copies of Windows 10.

On the bright side, it seems like that probably happened because the person in charge was playing it smart and staying home. It’ll be interesting to see how other things change as this trend hopefully continues in the coming days, but at this rate, by then we’ll only be able to view websites via transmission nodes located deep in mutant controlled territory and accessible only to those equipped with esper babies.

Source: Twitter/@37s_039, Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Twitter/@37s_039
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