Here’s where to live the dream in Japan’s western region.

Japanese real estate company SUUMO conducted its annual survey of residents in Japan’s western Kansai region (think Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Nara, Shiga, and Wakayama) to see which parts of the area are most desirable to live in. If you’re well-versed in your knowledge of Kansai, you’re sure to recognize all of these hot spots.

10. Kyoto – 371 votes

9. Okamoto – 385 votes

7. Senri-Chuo (Osaka) – 399 votes

7. Esaka (Osaka) – 399 votes

6. Shukugawa (Nishinomiya) – 417 votes

5. Tennoji (Osaka) – 481 votes

Despite the fact that Osaka’s Tennoji Station has a pretty unsettling station jingle, it’s a desirable place to live. It’s home to skyscrapers, greenery, and family-friendly blocks. There’s also a zoo, great eats, and some fine arts museums, making it culturally rich as well. And since it’s pretty central within the city of Osaka, it’s easy to get other places too.

4. Namba (Osaka) – 553 votes

Namba is like the cool neighborhood: it’s got a bustling nightlife culture, an insanely cool-looking mall, and all the shopping you can handle. If you’ve taken a trip to Osaka, you’ve likely been here (hint: Glico Man). Think of it as living in a toned-down version of New York City – in a good way.

3. Kobe Sannomiya – 695 votes

If Namba is the hub of Osaka, then Sannomiya is the heart of Kobe in Hyogo prefecture. It’s known as the entertainment district of Kobe city, and it’s got a gorgeous-looking Starbucks (because that’s on everyone’s list of priorities when moving, right?). The only trick is figuring out which Sannomiya Station you need to get to. There are six. Good luck!

2. Umeda (Osaka) – 893 votes

You can’t get much more central than Umeda, and this is likely where you do some of your shopping when you visit Osaka. It’s also the endpoint of Kansai’s beloved Hankyu Railway, so it’s accessible to other parts of the area as well (including Sannomiya!). Oh, and don’t forget to view your new home from the Umeda Sky Building.

1. Nishinomiya Kitaguchi – 1,232 votes

Nishinomiya, a city located between Osaka and Kobe, is the perfect balance between suburban and not-too-urban. In other words, it’s a great area to raise a family, commute, and more. Being located on the Hankyu line, it’s considered a bit luxurious. It also has some pretty gorgeous nature to enjoy!

If you live in or have visited Kansai, how close to home did this hit (pun intended)? If you’ve been planning that move to Japan and haven’t decided where to settle down, consider one of these ten excellent neighborhoods.

Source: PR Times
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