The Limited Express Rapi:t that shuttles passengers back and forth between Kansai Airport and Namba Station in Osaka has been offering some fun rides lately. The train’s distinctive deep blue exterior was given a red makeover last year in a Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn promotion and it even received its own superhero earlier this year.

Now passengers are in for another treat with news of the train’s next big adventure: as a jet-black ambassador for the Star Wars: The Force Awakens enterprise. With awesome interior and exterior details, including a wrap that features all the new characters from the upcoming movie, this is bound to be a welcome sight for visitors landing at the airport from November this year.

The collaborative project between movie and train was born out of the concepts of “journey” and “adventure”, which feature heavily in the upcoming film. As the first point of transport for many visitors arriving at Kansai Airport, travellers will now be able to re-imagine themselves as wide-eyed Padawans, riding the jet-black train into a foreign town alongside a cast of galactic adventurers.


The train will be completely covered in a black, starfield wrap, with different characters appearing on its carriages. Cars 1 and 6 will feature Kylo Ren, Rey, and BB-8, Cars 2 and 5 will have Finn and Captain Phasma. Car 3 will have Poe Dameron and a Storm Trooper, while Car 4 will showcase C-3PO, R2-D2, and Chewbacca.


▼ The Star Wars theme continues inside on the interior doors.


The specially wrapped train will run from November 21, 2015 through May 8, 2016. After that, who knows what the Limited Express Rapi:t will get up to next!


Source, image: Nankai