Judging from this epic trailer, the anime’s conclusion is going to be thrilling!

Ever since the author of the Attack on Titan manga, Hajime Isayama, released a sketch of the final scene of the mangaAttack on Titan fans have been chomping at the bit to find out the thrilling franchise’s conclusion, and the time is drawing near. The fourth and final season of the anime is scheduled to air this fall, and fans are finally getting a glimpse of the series finale now that the season’s trailer has been released!

The trailer is suitably epic, starting off with a dying man in a field of corpses telling a vulture it should fly away, because “it’s dangerous here”. Then we get flashes of shots of different Titans ripping through buildings and killing humans, views of exploding battlefield, and snapshots of many serious human faces, all while some very suspenseful music plays in the background. It only makes us want to see it all the more!

Isayama seemed pleased to have reached an animated version of the finale of his story, despite sudden changes in its production studio and staff. “We were able to make Attack on Titan into an anime all the way to the end. I want to express my thanks to all of the devoted readers who supported the anime.” He also expressed his appreciation to the original staff at Wit Studio who had produced the anime up to its third season:

“I’ve made everyone go along with the serialization for a pretty long 10 years now, but I want thank everyone for all of the wonderful memories, starting with Director Araki at Wit Studio and his army of illustrators. I want to continue to make more happy memories with Director Hayashi and the MAPPA staff, too!”

▼ The poster for the final season

The first three seasons of Attack on Titan were produced by the anime studio Wit Studio, but this finale, which (hopefully) concludes humanity’s battle with giant creatures known as Titans, was transferred to the anime studio MAPPA, which has worked on other popular anime like Yuri!!! on Ice. The new director of the season, Yuichiro Hayashi, says he’s had the help of former director Tetsuro Araki to keep the anime consistent. “I plan to do as much as possible to preserve the quality of the series up until now,” he has said. “And above all to maintain the passion the staff [at Wit] has poured into this anime. I’m going to produce the best conclusion I possibly can!”

Judging from the trailer, the sudden change in staff doesn’t seem to have any effect on the quality of the show, so it looks like fans will not be disappointed!

▼ Trailer for Attack on Titan: Chronicle

In anticipation of the final season, all 59 of the current episodes of the anime will be combined into one huge compilation film, called Attack on Titan: Chronicle, which will be hitting theaters starting on July 17. If you haven’t yet seen the anime, now’s your chance! And if you’re all caught up and need an Attack on Titan fix in the meantime, you can also check out the Attack on Titan roller coaster at Universal Studios Japan, which is reopening soon to residents of Osaka.

The fall can’t come soon enough!

Source: IT Media
Images: YouTube/Anime Pony Canyon
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