You won’t find attractions like these at Tokyo Disneyland.

Surprisingly enough, over the last few years some of the most compelling reasons to visit Universal Studios Japan have nothing to do with Hollywood movies. Instead, what’s been getting us excited is the Universal Cool Japan series, in which the Osaka theme park teams up with popular anime and video game franchises for experiences you’d never get at Tokyo Disneyland.

The latest batch of collaborations has just been announced, and the biggest surprise is that Universal Cool Japan 2020 will feature an Attack on Titan roller coaster!

Attack on Titan XR Ride is an indoor roller coaster designed to give you the feeling of swooping through the sky with your Three-Dimensional Maneuvering Gear as you and the rest of the Survey Corps engage in a running battle with the series naked, man-eating giants. To really help you feel like you’re part of the Attack on Titan world, you’ll be outfitted with a VR headset that lets the action unfold all around you, reminiscent of Universal Studios Japan’s Final Fantasy coaster from 2018.

Virtual reality is also part of another Universal Cool Japan project, one that’s cool in both a figurative and literal sense. To celebrate the recent Iceborne expansion of Capcom’s Monster Hunter World cooperative video game, guests of the park can also strap on a headset to partake in a VR monster hunt.

Rounding out the new additions are Detective Conan World, which adds voices and sounds from Detective Conan to the park’s Hollywood Dream Coaster to create a “story coaster,” and Lupin III The Live, in which live-action performers will portray anime’s most famous lecherous gentleman thief as he and his crew try to escape the authorities on the “streets” of Universal Studios Japan.

The Attack on Titan, Detective Conan, and Lupin III attractions are set to open on January 21 with the Monster Hunter VR hunt debuting sometime in spring, and all running through June 28.

Source, images: PR Times
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