When it comes to preventing a plague, you’ll want to do everything you can!

In times like these, superstitions help people cope with the stress of difficult situations, and in Japan, that means reviving a mythical creature that is believed to prevent epidemics. Legend says that if you draw Amabie, a scaly, beak-nosed, long-haired yokai, then you can help stem the spread of diseases, and so when the coronavirus started getting serious, Japanese artists took to Twitter to share numerous iterations the creature.

But not all of us are artists! If you want to make use of Amabie’s mysterious power but can’t draw, you can incorporate Amabie into your personal signature seal, so that you can call on its epidemic-preventing power every time you sign off on company documents.

This personal stamp was initially released on April 15 by Shiroyama Hakubundo, a company that makes and sells personal seals, to raise proceeds for the COVID-19 Relief Fund crowdfunding campaign created by a coalition of experts working on the crisis. The stamps were initially intended to be sold for only the duration of the campaign, but they ended up being very popular, and raised a lot of money. By the end of June, Shiroyama Hakubundo had collected 216,573 yen (US$2,014) in profits, and the company added an additional 33,427 yen to round the donation up to 250,000 yen.

Since many customers requested that the stamps be sold forever, or at least until the pandemic is over, Shiroyama Hakubundo decided to add it to their regular lineup, and though the funding campaign has ended, they intend to consider donating profits again should there be a second or third wave.

The seals are designed to portray a rendition of the earliest known drawing of Amabie, coupled with text of your choice, such as your name, or a wish to prevent sickness. They can be used as an actual personal seal or as a ward against sickness, to be stamped on gifts and cards for friends and family. There are two types: a self-inking stamp that is nine millimeters (0.35 inches) in diameter for 1,990 yen (US$18.50), or the official type of stamp used with red ink, which is 12 millimeters in diameter and sells for 3,120 yen.

The stamps are available on Shiroyama Hakubundo’s online shop, though it can take up to three weeks for them to be delivered. If you’re superstitious in any way, or are willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of this virus, then why not get one? It can’t hurt, right? And if you want to take it a step further, you should probably also buy some Amabie-shaped donuts, too, for good measure!

Source, images: PR Times
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