Pikachu can now be part of your legal signature in Japan thanks to awesome Pokémon personal seals

Why just say “I accept the terms of this transaction” when you can say “I accept the terms of this transaction, and also PIKA!”

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R2-D2 Japanese name stamp holder comes to you from a galaxy far, far away….

When it comes to guarding your all-important name stamp, he may be your only hope.

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Get your name, genetic information engraved on a Japanese name stamp that’s uniquely you

Now you can seal all of those important documents with more than just your name!

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These aren’t idle graph paper doodles but your next official signature stamp

If you are searching for a new angle to represent yourself, can we interest you in some straight lines?

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Make an impression on paper and your peers with a katana-hilt name stamp

Do business like a modern day samurai and wield your own personal katana name stamp!

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Adorable kitty stamps for your purr-sonal seal (of approval!)

Stamp that paperwork in style with these pawesome personalized stamps!

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More cat stamps available so you can neko-fy all of your important life documents

For all you cat-lovers out there, affix your love of felines with these new stamps.

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Dogs keep pace with their feline rivals in Japan with a line of pooch-themed personal seals

Adorable pups loosen cats’ monopoly on the signature substitutes.

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Is Japan’s combination personal cat stamp/pen/mechanical pencil the best writing instrument ever?

Keep your personal seal handy with this adorable and convenient twist on the traditional hank stamp.

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With these new cats stamps, all your documents will be officially cute!

Need a new personal seal/hanko for all your official paperwork in Japan? Then you’ll definitely want one of these adorable cat stamps!

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Online shop’s anime character personal seals look awesome, can be used for legal paperwork

Even now, most legal documents in Japan don’t ask for your signature, but rather that you stamp your inkan, or personal seal, to show approval or confirmation. Also called a hanko, the stamp, customarily used with red ink, leaves behind just the bearer’s last name, at least in the case of ordinary inkan.

But if that’s just too solemnly boring for you, you can also spice things up with a personal seal made that’s decorated with characters from hit anime series such as Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Clannad, and Fate/stay night that not only lets you display your love for those franchises, but is also legally binding.

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Anime-Inspired Personal Name-Stamps Appear in Japan, Fans Cheer While Others Cringe

Japanese words with the prefix “itai” (meaning “painful” or simply “ouch”) have become more common in recent years as otaku culture spreads into new realms of weirdness and fandom.

Cars decorated with anime and videogame character designs to the point that they’re painful to look at by anyone but die-hard fans, and even Japan’s Self Defence Force’s pimped out tank-busting helicopter have given rise to the words ita-sha and ita-heli, respectively.

Most of these projects are done for the sheer fun of it, and few nerds carry their hobbies into their work or professional lives, but with the arrival of these new ita-in (lit. “painful stamp”), all that could change, with anime fans doing anything from opening a bank account to signing a lease on an apartment with their personalised name-stamp featuring a custom-made moe-inspired character design…

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