Eight things people realized were pointless about Japanese work culture during 2020

The coronavirus has disrupted everyone’s lifestyle, but it’s disrupted some of the bad parts too.

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Should the 2020 (now 2021) Tokyo Olympics be cancelled? Japanese citizens are divided

What should be done about the Tokyo Olympics?

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Muji mixes masks with aromatherapy in new line of aroma oil mask stickers

Freshen up your pandemic style with these stickers to be used in tandem with your favorite essential oils.

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No mask, no ride – Japanese government allows taxis to refuse to pick up maskless passengers

Don’t want to wear a mask? Then you better feel like walking.

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First-ever foot-operated vending machine appears in Japan during pandemic

Revolutionary new system aims to keep your hands clean but people aren’t entirely sold on the idea. 

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Over 500 karaoke boxes close due to Covid-19, dealing historic blow to the industry

Safety fears and an urge to social distance has rung a death knell for one of Japan’s most famous pastimes.

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The number of suicides among Japanese citizens jumped in August, worrying officials

Many are concerned that the stress of the pandemic could be causing more people to experience depression.

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Keep wishing for the end of coronavirus with sickness-preventing yokai signature seals

When it comes to preventing a plague, you’ll want to do everything you can!

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First Confirmed Reports of H7N9 Bird Flu in Humans With the Death of Two Men From China

The Chinese government announced on March 31 that two men from Shanghai have died from a variant of bird flu known as H7N9. It is the first time transmission of this type of bird flu has been confirmed in human beings. After contraction of the virus, both men showed symptoms of pneumonia.

The Chinese Health Authorities announced that the 87 and 23-year-old men first showed symptoms of a fever, pneumonia and similar characteristics in March of this year. The 87 and 27-year-old-men died on 4th and 10th of this month respectively.

Shortly afterwards, a detailed inspection into their deaths was carried out where it came to light that both men had been infected with the H7N9 strain of the bird flu virus. It has also been confirmed that a woman in the eastern province of China, Anhui, has been infected with the same strain of bird flu. Her current condition is critical, exhibiting identical symptoms of pneumonia, however the woman is said to be receiving medical treatment.
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