Japanese boy band pop star celebrates Donald Trump’s visit to Japan with Trump cosplay【Photos】

One of Japan’s most successful musicians ever takes on a new identity as “Katold Trump.”

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Avril Lavigne’s sister and Japanese rock star husband welcome their first child【Photos】

The couple, who announced their marriage earlier this year, have just announced a new addition to their family.

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Japan’s guitar-playing samurai drops the mic after mind-blowing street performance 【Video】

This chance encounter on the street is one of the best things you’ll see today.

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Japanese Twitter goes crazy for impromptu piano performance at Yodobashi Camera store in Kyoto

Two strangers came together over the theme song from an 80s film starring David Bowie.

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Newest boyband out of China has gender-bending twist, hundreds of thousands of adoring fans

FFC-Acrush is sparking all kinds of crushes, no matter who you are.

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J-rocker Gackt further proves his coolness with surprise performance at middle school graduation

In what’s become an annual tradition, the star musician gave a group of teens the surprise of their young lives.

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Sting pictured backstage with Piko Taro during recent trip to Japan

Japanese Twitter is loving this hilarious photo.

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Niece of famous Taiwanese 80s singer capturing hearts in Japan

If you’re one of the, I don’t know…two? three?… people who both read our humble site regularly and who are also really into Japanese Bubble Era love ballads – we’re talking mid-80s here – you might be familiar with a Taiwan-born singer named Fēifēi Ōuyáng. She appeared regularly on Japanese television back in the 80s to sing her outrageously popular-at-the-time hit, “Love is Over.”

Ōuyáng was apparently so popular that the song can still be heard occasionally on TV and as background music in shopping malls and stores. So popular, in fact, that one of our female writers on our Japanese sister site is a huge fan of the singer despite probably only having only just been born around the time Ōuyáng was reaching peak popularity. Imagine her delight, then, when she learned that Ōuyáng’s equally talented and gorgeous niece was becoming quite the topic of conversation on Japanese Internet circles.

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Are Japan’s Three Bs actually bad boyfriend material? We find out!

Forget space or the deep seas, when it comes to human exploration, dating is the real final frontier. You never know where you might find that special someone–it could be in a club, at school, or even on the train. But conventional wisdom–in Japan at least–says that women should avoid dating these three types of men: Band members, bartenders, and hair stylists (biyoushi, in Japanese).

Now, it’s easy to imagine why so many might believe these Three Bs might be filled with the very baddest of bad boys–after all, what’s sexier than a guitarist who can mix a drink and do your hair? But how do Japanese men in these professions feel about their reputations? Find out below!

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