People are laughing, but honestly, this cat has the right idea.

Cats’ natural instincts compel them to roam. Whether its their latent desire to hunt, insuppressible curiosity, or simply one more way of asserting their independence, they’re not the sort of creatures who’ll happily submit to being cooped up inside the house, like some sort of lowly human, all day long.

So when Japanese Twitter user @Kirika_ma_cos’s cat Yamada wanted out, he knew better than to try to dissuade him, and slid open his home’s sliding glass back door for the feline, as if say go forth, the world is yours to explore.

And how did Yamada respond to this unbridled freedom?

Tweeted @Kirika_ma_cos:

“Yamada wanted out, but in seconds he realized ‘Nope-way too hot out here!’ and came right back inside.”

He’s not exaggerating on the time, either. From the moment Yamada steps out to when he comes back in, exactly four seconds transpire. That’s less time than it takes some cats to complete a yawn, but it was enough for Yamada to decide he’d had enough of the great outdoors on an afternoon during a fierce heat wave that’s seeing daytime temperatures soar to 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit) in much of Japan, which is also at its most humid during the summer.

Yamada’s completely relatable U-turn, as well as @Kirika_ma_cos’s surprised “Haya” (“So quick”), have netted the video over 2.2 million views so far. “That cat is completely domesticated,” laughed one commenter, but we’d also add that Yamada is pretty smart for not braving the blazing elements at a time when many cities have issued heat stroke warnings to their residents.

Yamada did end up making one more brief foray outside, @Kirika_ma_cos reports, but soon fell back to the realm of air conditioned indoor comfort.

If you’d like to see more of what Yamada is up to this summer, @Kirika_ma_cos periodically posts pictures of his pet on his Twitter account. They’re interspersed with photos of @Kirika_ma_cos’s high-quality horror cosplay projects, so you’ll want to brace yourself, though, lest you turn tail as quickly as Yamada did.

Source, top image: Twitter/@Kirika_ma_cos
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