Complete with a cushion and a heat pack, this set is great for the office, at home, or for outdoor events!

Laugh all you want, but cold bottoms are a real thing. If your butt is cold, then the lower half of your body is probably chilly, too, and for those who are always struggling with cold legs, the problem can’t be solved by putting on a pair of pants, no matter how warm. That’s why we had to try out the Oshiri 41 Degrees butt-warming cushion by On Style, for cold butts everywhere (and because our previous attempt to warm our lower bodies wasn’t a very good idea).

Oshiri 41 Degrees is a portable, non-electric heat pack, similar to the kairo chemical heat packs that you can keep in your pocket, which you can put into a little cushion on your chair. You can get both the cushion and a disposable pocket warmer as a set at most drug stores and online shops for 850 yen (US$8.18), although we were frankly a little bit disappointed to find only one pocket warmer included in the package when we paid nearly 1,000 yen for it.

It’s super easy to use; all you have to do is put the warmer inside the pocket of the cushion, put it on your chair, and sit. Like many pocket warmers, it naturally becomes warm when exposed to the air, so when you sit on it, it spreads its warmth through the cushion to gently comfort your buttocks.

According to the instructions, though the cushion that comes in the pack looks pretty ordinary, it’s actually specially designed to preserve heat well. In fact, together with the pocket warmer, it can stay as warm as 41 degree Celsius (105 degrees Fahrenheit) for up to 12 hours. Apparently, if you get too hot, you can also flip it over to the gray side to cool down.

But despite these bold claims, we were a little bit worried about the efficacy of the cushion, to be honest. Our butts are not particularly small, and whether or not this little cushion and its pocket warmer would be enough to warm this jelly was a concern. But of course, we had to give it a try, in the name of science, and for the sake of cold butts everywhere.

So we placed it on our office chair, sat down, and…

It immediately started to grow warm, generously thawing our bulging bottoms! It was actually perfect, neither too hot, nor too cold, and it did not feel extremely hot to our sensitive areas either. Rather than it radiating heat, it felt more like sitting on the soft, plush seats of a train on a cold winter’s day, like a cushion that has retained the heat of a warm environment.

Surprisingly, it kept our legs warm too! We have a tendency to get literal cold feet, even if we attach warmers to our legs and put them in our socks. But even without those extra warmers, the Oshiri 41 Degrees kept our entire lower body warm…which was a very pleasant discovery.

So in our books, this a great product! It’s good not only for the office, but perhaps for when you’re feeling sick and have chills, or if you have a stomach ache, or maybe even for body cramps. The only concern we might have had was the single pocket warmer that came with the cushion. What do you do after the first 12 hours? Luckily, you can also get Oshiri 41 Degrees replacement packs, which come in sets of six for 250 yen. However, whether or not you can find them at your local drugstore is up to chance, since they’re a pretty unusual product compared to other portable warmers.

But fear not! We soon discovered that the Oshiri 41 Degrees replacement sheets look exactly the same as other similar non-adhesive pocket warmers out there. The specs are even the same, with a highest possible temperature of 65 degrees, averaging 51 degrees, and a maximum retention of warmth of 18 hours.

We found a similar pack of regular pocket warmers that were the same size (12.5 by 9.5 centimeters), and put on our SoraNews24 goggles and white coat to do an experiment to see if it would work. As it turns out, a different brand of pocket warmers worked just fine in the cushion, with pretty much the same result as the Oshiri 41 Degrees warmers. It’s probably better to use the maker’s recommended version, because there might be something special in the design, but in a pinch, other brands of pocket warmers should work just as well as the recommended brand, so long as you match the intended temperature and size.

So if you suffer from a perpetually cold butt in the winter, or from just being cold in general, you may want to try one of these! Even if you aren’t a serial shiverer, you might find use in the Oshiri 41 in other ways. For an outdoor concert, perhaps, or for eating outdoors; when watching sports in an outdoor arena, or when having a spring picnic…the uses are really endless, and for 850 yen, you probably can’t go wrong!

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