heat wave

Japanese summer is worse than summer in Death Valley, says our correspondent, a seasoned traveler

What makes Japanese summer more unbearable than the harsh heat of the desert?

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Chinese residents are parking themselves in subways and public spaces in an effort to keep cool

With the mercury reaching 39 degrees celsius in the city of Hangzhou in southern China, residents are trying to keep cool in the most unusual of places. Citizens without residential air conditioning have turned to parking themselves in subways, libraries and other public spaces to escape the summer heat wave.

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Chocolate, candlesticks, hamsters… everything is melting in Japan’s heat wave! 【Photos】

Hey, you guys in the southern hemisphere, can we trade seasons with you yet? I don’t know about everyone else here in Japan, but I’m done with this heat and humidity. With highs around 36 degrees Celsius (96 degrees Fahrenheit) across the country and the smothering humidity, everyone and everything seems to be at their limits, from USB cords to plastic cups. Even the poor little hamsters look like they’re melting away in this madness!

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Spring comes to Miyagi Prefecture…in October!

We may be well into October, but spring has already come to Miyagi Prefecture!

This summer saw record high temperatures throughout Japan, and the heat is only now starting to let up now, with some days still hitting 32 degrees Celsius (89 degrees Fahrenheit). Even more surprising though, was the blossoming of some cherry blossom trees – six months early – down in Miyagi, leading some to believe the high temperatures are to blame for the early open sakura flowers.

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China in grip of heat wave, causes food to accidentally cook on the ground and people to sleep on treadmills

Since the latter half of July, multiple cities in southern China have been struggling with temperatures exceeding 42℃ and little relief in sight. With lakes and pools at maximum capacity thousands of people are trying anything they can to cool down.

However, in a testament to the human spirit, some folks have found ways to have a little fun in spite of heat wave.

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