Be rest assured that the first law of alchemy, equivalent exchange, won’t be applicable here.

When it comes to disease prevention, an important aspect is the ability to limit the spread of disease-carrying particles. Especially in the case of COVID-19, the use of face masks as well as partitions play an essential role in protecting the more vulnerable members of society such as the elderly, the immunocompromised, and those with disabilities.

▼ NHK demonstrating how physical barriers work as a measure of disease prevention,
and reminding us that our days blasting particles at each other are over.

For Takumi Armory, a Hyogo-based company that focuses on creating cosplay goods, a playful take on the particle-dispersing barrier comes in the form of an anime-esque magic circle which is sure to hit a nostalgic bone for fantasy anime fans.

▼ Halt, Virus Particles, in the name of public health!

▼ I can’t say it provides a clear view of the face… but maybe that’s also a good thing if you’re having an especially bad zit day?

Created out of sturdy acrylic plastic, the partition stands at 620 millimeters tall (2.4 feet) and is 600 millimeters (1.11 feet) wide. Bordered in horoscope signs and what seems to be a fictional language composed of Greek characters as well as Cyrillic script, the partition’s intricate design of intersecting circles, squares, and stars pays homage to magic circles seen in popular titles such as Fullmetal Alchemist and Cardcaptor Sakura.

Fans of the partition came through, leaving supportive comments as well as references to other franchises:

“Hmm, how does one walk around and carry this? Either way, it just looks so cool.”
“Man, I wish I was this creative! I wonder if LED lights can be installed in it so it changes color?”
“This, this is so reminiscent of Doctor Strange’s magic circle!”
“It’s products like these that strike the hearts of geeks everywhere.”
“Please make one that goes from the floor to the ceiling, please.”

“Is that basically an AT field?”

Though specializing in cosplay gear such as swords that seem be taken straight out of a fantasy role-playing game, Takumi Armory also sells other amusements such as a table partition embellished with focus lines often found in manga, and a 710-millimeter (2.3-foot) tall parfait cup with a matching spoon and fork set.

▼ Imagine showing up to an interview and this is literally the first thing you see.

▼ I’m more wondering how long it took to make the parfait itself rather than how long it may take to eat it.

With products imbued with such a playful nature, we can see why Takumi Armory’s magic circle partition as well as their other creations are a big hit among fans. For those interested, the magic circle partition is available on Takumi Armory’s website for 15,000 yen (US$142) here.

If you’re going for a particular magical theme in your office and/or room, we also suggest looking into this wireless charging pad that functions as a magic circle.

Source, images: Takumi Armory (1, 2) via Twitter/@takumikougei
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