It’s like having chicken in your cereal. Pretty awesome, right?

Like many global fast-food chains, Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants around the world have menus unique to each region. In Japan, an example would be the “moon-viewing” chicken sandwich featuring a fried egg “moon”. In Taiwan, it’s their rice gruel breakfast set.

Our Japanese language-reporter Yui Imai decided to try it out during her working holiday. For just 65 New Taiwan dollars (US$2.21), she was able to a bowl of savory congee and a side of milk tea.

▼ KFC’s signature fried chicken is cut up into delicious, bite-sized pieces for you.

Yui was pretty excited that there was chicken inside, especially for such a low price! There was also corn and rousong, or “pork floss”. If you haven’t had it before, it’s basically pork that’s been simmered in a sweet soy sauce mixture and then dried to delectable fluffiness. It adds sweet and slightly spicy notes – perfect for a congee topping.

▼ Now, let’s dig in!

The soft rice gruel was perfectly accented by the juicy, salty chicken. The corn and pork floss also offered some interesting flavors and textures. Along with the slightly sweetened milk tea, Yui thought it was a satisfying breakfast, indeed.

▼ Even though Yui’s not a fan of rousong on its own, she liked it with the moist porridge.

Since rice gruel is also a thing in Japan, Yui thought that it would be a great addition to KFC menus in Japan as well. Too bad rousong is a Taiwanese ingredient, though…Either way, give it a try if you plan on visiting Taiwan in the future!

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