A very sweet take on frozen nuggets. 

Japan sure knows how to tantalise the taste buds with weird and wonderful sweets, but our Taiwan-based reporter Yui Imai is always quick to remind us it’s not the only country that knows how to wow the senses.

Over where she is, they have Frappuccinos packed with choux creams and Mister Donut Burgers stuffed with fried chicken, and now Yui has found another sweet to make us all jealous: Chicken Nugget Ice Cream.

According to Yui, Taiwan has been getting more and more creative with its ice cream offerings lately, but even she couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw this new ice cream at her local supermarket.

She found it in the frozen dessert section at a branch of PX Mart, which has more than 1,000 stores throughout Taiwan. The ice cream is exclusive to PX Mart and made by A-chino, a famous ice cream manufacturer in Taiwan, so this promised to be a seriously well-made dessert.

▼ Yui had high expectations when she added the tub of ice cream to her basket.

The “Not Chicken Nugget Ice Cream,” as it’s playfully called, although you could easily mistake the “not” for “hot” on the packaging, gets full marks for presentation.

▼ Kinda like a bucket of KFC, only cuter.

Upon opening the lid of the tub, the visual surprises continue with eight golden morsels that look exactly like chicken nuggets!

These looked as if they had been crumbed and fried to golden perfection, but they were actually cold to the touch, confusing Yui into thinking she’d bought a tub of frozen nuggets.

Well, they were frozen, and they were nuggets, but they weren’t chicken nuggets — these were vanilla ice creams coated in…something Yui couldn’t quite work out. She quickly bit into one of them and immediately closed her eyes in delight at the contrasting smooth and crunchy textures. Her taste buds identified the coating to be finely crushed cornflakes, but then there was a salty note, rounded out by creamy vanilla ice cream.

After looking at the ingredients, Yui was surprised to find that the saltiness came from the addition of cheese powder, which had been blended into the cornflake coating to create a salty sweet flavour profile.

This salty sweet combination is perfect for recharging on a humid summer’s day, and the flavour was so addictive that Yui couldn’t stop herself from indulging in another nugget of ice cream…and then another one.

Priced at 169 yuan (US$5.44) per tub, this is a treat that’s definitely worth trying, and like the Pizza Hut pizzas stuffed with Oreos she tried last month, it’s definitely worth the calories.

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