Come for the legend of Hanako-san, stay for the fun of being trapped inside a Japanese coffin.

Japan loves a good scare, and between summer being the time for traditional Japanese ghost stories and Halloween becoming increasingly popular, the season for fright is now longer than ever. So for those looking to get their fix, Aichi Prefecture’s Lagunasia, located not far from Nagoya, is bringing terror to a new venue with the theme park industry’s very first haunted toilet.

And we don’t mean “haunted” in the sense that somebody threw up in a stall after eating too many churros prior to riding the roller coaster, but that a supernatural entity terrorizes those who enter the restroom.

The Horror! Hanako-san of the Toilet attraction is based off the story of Hanako-san, the ghost of a girl said to haunt restrooms in Japan. Usually Hanako’s specter is said to inhabit school bathrooms, but she’ll soon be taking up residence in one of Lagunasia restrooms, making her presence felt once you close the stall door.

But there’s more than just urban legend tradition behind this unusual attraction. The haunted restroom is part of the park’s With Corona Horror Fest 2020, With social distancing making standard walk-through haunted houses impractical, Lagunasia has teamed up with Tokyo-based horror entertainment company Kowagarasetai to create new terror-delivery systems designed to limit guest contact and congestion. The haunted restroom, for example, will be limited to one person at a time, and disinfected after each guest’s session (which will also be nice if the combination of fear and toilets results in anyone actually having the crap scared out of them).

Also part of With Corona Horror Fest 2020: the Scream Coffin.

An exercise in truth in advertising, this “confinement-type attraction” puts you into a Japanese-style casket, complete with a window of the sort used to view the deceased at funerals in Japan.

The pictures suggest you won’t be resting in peace just yet, though, since apparently you’ll be having a visitor while you lie there, unable to flee from the creature just inches in front of your face (though with a plastic panel so you won’t get breathed on).

Both attractions will run from October 3 to December 6, and with Kowagarasetai also being the team behind Tokyo’s recent haunted drive-in, promise to be terrifying.

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Source: PR Times, Lagunasia
Top image: Lagunasia
Insert images: PR Times, Lagunasia
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