If you can’t stand mosquito bites, keep scrolling down!

Workman Plus is one of those Japanese stores that designs everything just a bit smarter than the average shop, like their wearable grocery bag for sustainable shopping. Now, for the buggy summer season, they’ve come up with something just as useful: the Wearable Screen Door.

It’s essentially a long-sleeved jacket with mosquito netting over the face. Despite how odd it may look at first glance, this is actually an item that’s quickly flying off the shelves (no pun intended). By the time our trendsetter Mr. Sato called up a Workman Plus shop, they had already run out of stock of some styles.

▼ Don’t worry, though – Mr. Sato’s journey to Tachikawa City was worth it.

The Wearable Screen Door comes in four colors: water grey, saffron yellow, dark orange, and olive green. Since the yellow and green ones were sold out at the Workman Plus that Mr. Sato went to, he went with the grey version.

▼ Just looking at the blue-grey color makes us feel cooler.

At first glance, it looks like your average jacket. It has long sleeves, a high collar, a hood, and five pockets. Mr. Sato liked that some of the pockets had zippers, which are perfect for keeping your valuables like your keys and smartphone in.

▼ No accidentally dropping your phone into the water while enjoying the great outdoors!

▼ There’s also a mesh pocket to make your belongings easier to find.

The material of the jacket is supposed to repel bugs, and it’s breathable enough that it shouldn’t get too muggy even in moist Japanese summers.

▼ It looks pretty stylish as well! Looking good, Mr. Sato.

As for the inside, Mr. Sato thought it was soft and comfortable to the touch. He’d wear it even when he wasn’t trying to ward off bugs! It even has a hood, so it could pose as a rain jacket.

▼ Keeps bugs out but keeps comfort in.

▼ The only real downside is that it’s not waterproof.

But of course, the biggest appeal is the “screen door”, or the full-face netting that leaves no room for mosquitos to fly in.

360-degree protection so that Mr. Sato’s face will stay fresh and blemish-free.

The mesh is pretty large, so it doesn’t feel restricting at all. Mr. Sato thought it was easy to see and breathe. The hood is removable as well, so you don’t have to walk around looking like someone trying to conceal their identity all the time.

▼ Though considering how famous Mr. Sato is, this could actually be a blessing.

▼ It looks even more intriguing (or suspicious?) from the side.

We can’t guarantee that there will be any left in stock by the time you get there, but in any case, trust Mr. Sato’s word that this is worth the 2,900 yen (US$26.17) to keep away the bugginess and mugginess of Japanese summers. With this and squeaky clean feet, mosquitos will have no interest in you.

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