Japanese fashion

New Japanese furisode kimono sweaters combine traditional fashion with modern streetwear

The comfiest Japanese kimono you’ll ever wear.

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Ziploc x Beams Couture collaboration from Japan makes transparent bag fashion cool

Hats, rucksacks, aprons and bumbags are just some of the items in the new Ziploc fashion collection hitting streets this summer.

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Kyoto-based kimono company releases stylish new looks for men in their spring collection

They’re at it again, combining modern design with traditional wear, creating even more amazing looks for spring.

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Two-day event will bring unique Japan-inspired steampunk style to Harajuku

The fashion center of Tokyo is the place to be this April!

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Day in the life of unusual Japanese fashion trends: Our writer wears her bra over her shirt

Will people really think you’re trendy, or will they just wonder if you got dressed in the dark?

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Matching geeky, otaku outfits are the latest in Japanese street fashion【Pics】

Not only is otaku fashion taking over Japanese streets, it’s quickly becoming the go-to dress code for popular places like Disneyland and Universal Studios.
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Japanese retailer releases three cute & comfy high school “uniforms” to wear around the house

This new high school room wear collection is aimed at adult women—but wouldn’t it feel weird wearing the uniforms so long after graduation?
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Japan going crazy for college girls after the release of a new photo collection

Move over dancing queen, here comes the “Campus Queen”!

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Anime-inspired dresses back, now in Rose of Versailles varieties

French Revolution-era design meets modern fashion in this limited-time clothing line by Felissimo.

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Ganguro girl prepares to rival Wolverine with her epic claws

Japan’s ganguro fashion started among Japanese girls in the mid-90s. Ganguro fashionistas are difficult to miss with their deep-tanned (or darkly made-up) faces contrasted by seemingly sporadically-placed white makeup, wildly-voluminous hair, and brightly colored clothing and accessories.

While ganguro are a dwindling breed, specimens can still be found, like this Twitter user who has decided to take her manicures to the next level as well, leaving us wondering how she goes about her daily activities with those impressive talons.

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Frills and poofy dresses galore at an international lolita fashion tea party in Tokyo

Is there a place for tea parties and frilly dresses for women in the 21st century? The answer is a resounding yes from these lolita fashion ladies!

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The Latest in Japanese Otaku Fashion

For when flannel shirts and a baseball cap just don’t cut it.

Source: Twitter @Uijiuigu

Fashionistas, Take Note: These Hot iPhone Covers Are Just 100 Yen!

There is a shopping wonderland where every item is only about a buck and you can buy pretty much any daily necessity and a whole lot of stuff you didn’t even know existed. This fabled place is the Japanese 100 yen shop, and it’s head and shoulders above the dingy dollar shops you know from home. You can even pick up a stylish cover to pimp your iPhone, with an unexpected abundance of styles and colors to satisfy even the most demanding fashion divas.

Of course, price is one thing, but quality is also going to be a major factor. Can decoration-loving fashionistas really buy with confidence? Can these cheap covers really protect our all-important iPhones? Rocket News decided to find out.
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