Hohsui gets gold in photobombing.

Hohsui is a wholesaler and distributor of seafood based in Tokyo, that was founded in 1945 and…uh.

That’s all I know unfortunately. I’d research more but I haven’t been able to access the company’s website for days now. Apparently I’m one of thousands of people trying to learn more about Hohsui recently.

It all began on 25 July, Just as the Tokyo Olympics were getting underway, Japan made history by getting the first gold medals in the first-ever men and women’s skateboarding events. In particular, young Momiji Nishiya became the youngest Japanese gold medalist and the second youngest in the world. Nishiya’s male counterpart Yuto Horigome also had the honor of the very first gold medal in Olympic history

However, amid all this history being made the headquarters of Hohsui (whose logo we did our best to recreate at the top of this article) could be seen standing proudly with the medalists as if it too had just pulled off a frontside shuv nosegrind.

It did no such thing however, and is nothing more than a (photograph) poser.

Clearly, using some arcane power of foresight known only in dark seafood distribution circles, Hohsui knew the Olympics were to be held in Tokyo and would host the first skateboarding event in a park in Koto that had a podium facing south at a time when a global pandemic would force medalists to socially distance in such a way that their headquarters would be all too easy to spot on TV all over the world. So, they chose that exact spot to set up shop.

As a result, social media was flooded with comments about the company. It’s the kind of word of mouth that most businesses dream of.

“Hohsui is a kind of seafood business. I tried to go the website but so did everyone else so I can’t get in.”
“Congratulations Horigome for landing that Hohsui endorsement deal!”
“I’m intrigued by this Hohsui.”
“That Hohsui building is really conspicuous.”
“Hohsui looks really delicious.”
“That company really owes Horigome.”
“This event is just one big commercial for Hohsui.”
“The real winner today is Hohsui.”

It’s the oldest marketing trick in the book and it worked like a charm. Since the medal ceremony, people from all over were intrigued by that building in the background and took to the internet to find out more about it.

It’s also the kind of web traffic that such a company isn’t accustomed to and its webpage had to close temporarily. A spokesperson told NHK “I was really surprised because I didn’t think we would be seen.”

▼ Oh, you were seen alright.

The company added that this hasn’t caused any problems with their day-to-day work but has done wonders for morale among the staff.

So all’s well that ends well. I know I’ll be going to Hohsui next time I need some of whatever it is they do exactly. I’ll figure it out when I can finally open their site.

Source: NHK, Twitter/#ホウスイ
Top image: ©SoraNews24
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