Survey also asks for women’s ideal places to live if money weren’t an issue.

High rent and a lack of physical space drive many young professionals without a family who work in Tokyo to live outside the heart of the city, in other areas of the capital region that include Chiba, Gunma, Ibaraki, Kanagawa, Saitama, Tochigi and Yamanashi prefectures. That said, however, there are still pockets even within the capital’s 23 special wards that offer an affordable and convenient place for them to reside if they’re not fussy about living size.

On October 11, Woman.CHINTAI, a rental search website for women, released the 2021 ranking of the capital region areas where women who live by themselves would like to live. September 2021 market estimates for the monthly rent for a one-room apartment with a kitchen (“1K” in Japanese apartment lingo) were also included with each entry. Let’s take a look at the top ten selections, with the top three in a bit more detail.

Top 10 Ranking

10. Oshiage (Sumida Ward, Tokyo)

9. Tabata (Kita Ward, Tokyo)

8. Komagome (Toshima Ward, Tokyo)

7. Nakano (Nakano Ward, Tokyo)

6. Kawasaki City (Kanagawa Prefecture)

5. Koenji (Suginami Ward, Tokyo)

4. Kamata (Ota Ward, Tokyo)

3. Kita-Senju (Adachi Ward, Tokyo)

Monthly rent estimate: 68,000 yen (US$600)

Kita-Senju’s main draw is likely its easy access to multiple lines of transportation including the JR Joban Line, Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line, Tobu-Isesaki Line, and the Tsukuba Express. Many women cited the fact that Lumine and Marui department stores, plus plenty of shopping, cafes, and dining options, are adjacent to Kita-Senju Station. Its relative affordability for being in one of the 23 special wards of Tokyo is the cherry on top of the equation.

▼ Kita-Senju also reminds us of that fateful time when two of our reporters had a late-night misunderstanding in the area.

2. Ikebukuro (Toshima Ward, Tokyo)

Monthly rent estimate: 83,700 yen

Ikebukuro is home to one of the major connecting stations for several important train and metro lines in all of Tokyo. It’s also a big hub for regional and long-distance buses. When I used to take the six-hour night bus from Tohoku to Tokyo, I would get off very early in the morning at Ikebukuro and then easily hop onto the JR Yamanote Line.

Just a small walk inside and outside of Ikebukuro Station are Lumine and Tobu department stores and just a little further than that is the Sunshine City shopping and dining complex. If entertainment’s what you’re seeking, Ikebukuro is an excellent alternative to other districts known for their youth culture, such as Shibuya. As I discovered on more than one occasion, it also has a proportionally high number of cat cafes compared to other areas of the city.

Sega’s massive arcade has also just made its comeback in Ikebukuro!

1. Nishi-Kawaguchi (Saitama Prefecture)

Monthly rent estimate: 66,000 yen

Female survey takers’ top pick is not actually located in the Tokyo Metropolis but is an easy 30-minute train ride with no transfers to the north and just over the border into Saitama Prefecture, which is part of the capital region. The relatively small Nishi-Kawaguchi Station is connected directly to a shopping center and a 24-hour supermarket as well as plenty of quick places to eat directly outside. This area also lives in our collective memories as that time Mr. Sato investigated a mysterious paper left in a tree by a drunk older guy.

▼ A view of Nishi-Kawaguchi Station

On a related note, Woman.CHINTAI also held a survey for women to pick their top three most ideal places to live in the capital region if money weren’t an issue. The top picks in third through first place were Shinjuku, Yokohama, and Kichijoji, which are fairly consistent with the past results of similar surveys. At the end of the day, money did seem to be the determining factor since the average monthly rent estimates for these aspirational abodes stood at 93,000 yen versus 78,000 yen for the top ten places that women want to and can live in reality.

If you’re moving to Tokyo soon and you’d rather not deal with the hassle of apartment hunting on your own in the capital region, perhaps you might want to check out this complex in Adachi Ward that’s perfect for DIY-type people or this building, complete with a built-in movie theater.

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