Our furry friend is back – maybe even a bit furrier than last time.

Some of you may remember that in July 2021, a special cat had people flocking to Tokyo’s Shinjuku neighborhood. This cat was actually a 3-D art billboard installment just outside JR Shinjuku Station’s east exit at Cross Shinjuku Vision.

It appeared to nestle on a shelf sitting atop a building, looking down at passersby, possibly preparing to pounce at any moment. Since Japan is crazy for cats, it was a big hit, with some people traveling specifically to the neighborhood just to see it.

Now, the cat is back with a friend in tow – a Roomba. This 3-D cat and Roomba collaboration will be displayed on the Cross Shinjuku Vision billboard from November 2 to December 31.

▼ There’s our precious calico.

The timing of the collaboration coincides with the holidays, but it also overlaps with cat shedding season, in which having a tool to clean up cat hair is most welcome.

The 30-second ad features the cat atop a glass surface. The cat shakes itself once and dislodges a visible amount of fur. Suddenly, a Roomba starts to move towards it, and the cat appears taken aback.

▼ “What in the…”

It prods the device with a paw – complete with cute sound effects – and gives it a warning mewl when the Roomba gets closer to it to clean up the dropped fur.

▼ To hop on, or not to hop on?

Cross Shinjuku Vision tweeted about the arrival of the new installment and received many happy reactions from Japanese netizens.

“Oh, I get it! This is a great marketing opportunity. Maybe they’ll partner with cat food makers next.”
“It looks fun even though I can’t see it in person!”
“It’s so cute!”
“I’ve heard a lot of cats like to climb on Roombas.”

This Shinjuku cat may not be a Roomba rider, but it sure gets the message across. If you’re heading out to see the cat in-person, note that it may not appear 3-D depending on the angle you watch it from. Use the video above for reference when you go! Pro tip: you can probably see a lit-up version if you go see it at night.

Sources: Neto Rabo, Twitter (@xspace_tokyo, @cross_s_vision)
Images: YouTube/Cross Space
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