The popular 3D screen isn’t just for cats anymore.

Nike Japan took over the giant Cross Shinjuku Vision screen for the week of March 21 to showcase Nike Air Max for the model’s 35th anniversary on #AirMaxDay on March 26. The screen showed different Air Max models over the years with colorful 3D graphics and sound effects.

While the week of March 21 is already over, Nike Japan uploaded a video of the ad on their Twitter account for those that can’t make it to downtown Tokyo.

The 30-second ad also features a glimpse of another popular Cross Vision character, so watch until the end!

▼ If you’re a sneaker head, you may know exactly what model of Air Max this is.

The video starts with a Nike shoebox and what appear to be black, red, and white balloons that transform into a pair of Air Max 1 first released in 1987.

▼ Same model, different color scheme.

The shoes disappear behind a pair of paper sliding screen doors, then reappear as a pair of shoes in oranges, reds, and black tones.

▼ Air Max comes in a ton of different colors and styles to suit your personality.

▼ Like flowers? Put ’em on your shoes!

Then they go through a few more design transformations before appearing to glitch out and disappear back into their shoebox.

▼ Wait… those aren’t for you, kitty!

And if you watched the video, yes, you’re right! Those are the paws of the famous Cross Shinjuku Vision cat, who decides to take the Air Max 1s for themselves. What a cat would do with a pair of Nikes, we can only imagine.

Many Nike fans around the world responded to the Tweet expressing their love for Air Max:

“The first pair of shoes I bought with my allowance were Nikes!”
“This brings back memories.”
“I really want these.”
“This is awesome!”

March 26 marked Air Max Day, so unfortunately, the ad is no longer running live. But this Tweet will be on the account for a while, so you can watch to your heart’s content!

Sources: Twitter/@Nike Japan via Neto Rabo, Nike
Images: Twitter/@Nike Japan
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