New design promises benefits for content creators too.

The standard PC or laptop monitor is basically an evolution of TV design, with the same horizontal orientation of the screen. But while that’s fine for videos and long-form reading, it’s a less-than-ideal setup for social media platforms, most of which are arranged in tall, narrow columns.

Basically, if you’re scrolling through a social media feed on a normal monitor, you’re using a setup with a lot of wasted space. So to solve that problem, Japanese electronics retailer Nojima’s private brand Elsonic has come up with a solution: the EK-MD088.

OK, so the name’s not particularly clever. The concept is, though. As shown in these prototype images, the 8.8-inch monitor is vertically oriented, so it can display a larger amount of social media feeds without you having to scroll down after every few lines.

If that looks like an extremely inefficient format to do non-social media stuff on your PC with, don’t worry, because the vertical monitor works in tandem with your regular monitor, as opposed to replacing it.

It’s not just social media users that Nojima has in mind, either. It also recommends the EK-MD088 for professionals creating apps or online content, since it lets you easily see how things will look to smartphone users, then turn back to your regular PC monitor while you make any adjustments necessary in order to get the finished product looking exactly how you want it to.

▼ Around back you’ll find the Mini-HDMI and USB Type-C charging port, plus an adjustable-angle stand.

The EK-MD088 is priced at 14,800 yen (US$130) and available for preorder here through Nojima’s online store, with shipping scheduled for early February.

Source: Nojima via My Navi News via Hachima Kiko
Top image: Nojima
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