Recommended for use before, during, and after intense gaming sessions.

Bauhutte has made a name for itself by coming up with ideas for things gamers never knew they needed, like the gaming blanket and the gaming bed. Now they’re back with another unusually innovative concept: the gaming massager.

Sure, playing video games isn’t a full-body workout, but it does involve all sorts of muscle and joint movement in the hands, whether you’re using a console controller or a keyboard/mouse setup on your PC. Factor in the extended playing session times of extra-immersive games or the intensity of online competition, and Bauhutte thinks your fingers could use some extra care, which is where its MSG-01H-BK Hand Massager comes in.

Compact enough to share desk space with your other peripherals, the device is still big enough to fit your entire hand inside. Switch it on, and air bags will massage each of your fingers individually, while a “shiatsu plate” applies tension-loosening pressure to your palm. There’s also a heating function that you can engage to further limber your digits up.

Bauhutte recommends using the massager as a pre-gaming warm-up, in the middle of a session to improve blood circulation and prevent performance drops, or after logging out following a multiplayer match or boss fight to counteract any excess flexing of your hand/finger muscles you might have done during the battle.

The slots for your finger and palm have a symmetrical design, so that you can use the massager for either your left or right hand. Buttons across the top let you select between three levels of massage strength, turn the heater on or off, switch between a full-hand massage or one just for the fingers.

The massager’s auto timer will shut the machine off automatically after 10 minutes, leaving your other hand free to go on navigating menus or doing non-gaming stuff like reading manga.

Remember to wash your hands before sticking your fingers in the gamer massager, though, if you just used Bauhutte’s gamer onesie’s speed-pooping Drop Seat Function .

Source: Bauhutte via IT Media
Images: Bauhutte
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