This product belongs in the toilet.

It’s getting to be that time of year again, when all the lights and tinsel go up to usher in this season of gift-giving. However, our writer Masanuki Sunakoma is often cramped up in the office all day and can’t enjoy it.

So, he decided to order some decorations from Amazon Japan to spruce the place up a bit, and in true Masanuki fashion he started with the lowest rated ones first.

▼ Our office

His search led him to the “Christmas Decoration Goods” for 1,599 yen (US$14) with an average customer ratings of 2.5 stars out of five. Its somewhat unfestive name probably wasn’t doing it any favors in the rating department, but the item description proudly declared that, “It’s easy to bring the fun of Christmas into your home.”

Unlike his Halloween mask, Masanuki’s Christmas Decoration Goods arrived in plenty of time for the holidays, the day after placing his order to be exact.

The product came in three pieces and resembled a Santa costume. This was no costume, however. It even says right in the highly descriptive name that these were “decoration goods.”

So where exactly do they go?

▼ The toilet!

This room was by far the least festive in the entire office, though the raccoon toilet paper cover was bravely putting in overtime to add cuteness to the atmosphere. It was time to give the little rascal some backup from jolly old Saint Nick!

▼ “Help… me….”

By the way, the source of the 2.5 rating was the result of only two reviews that were split between one star and four stars. Clearly this was a controversial product, but Masanuki could understand where the one-star review was coming from when it complained that the Santa-head toilet lid cover was too small.

Masanuki too struggled to slip the head on, and he wouldn’t consider our toilet to be especially large. However, he also admits he was partially to blame for not checking the sizes of everything before purchasing.

▼ “Ho ho ho!”

It took some forcible stretching, but our writer managed to get Santa’s head on the toilet lid. It only covered about half though, and he was left wondering how small a toilet would have to be for it to fit properly.

Santa’s hat, however, did fit nicely on the lid of the tank.

And his body also matched the size of the toilet’s base nicely.

With that, Masanuki’s very merry Christmas toilet was complete!

It was rather cute, and the bright colors really helped to liven up this den of pain and misery considerably.

However, the material was really flimsy, and our writer didn’t expect the set to last past this year, if even that long. Being a one-time decoration is not necessarily terrible, but for its price a little more durability would be expected.

If Masanuki were to evaluate this himself, he’d probably give it two stars. The material was terrible, and he felt Santa was kind of ugly. He didn’t give it a one because it was pretty festive all things considered, so at least it delivered on that end of the bargain.

Still, no matter how much it made the toilet feel like Christmas, he couldn’t bring himself to rate it with three stars. It just wasn’t that good.

▼ Masanuki: “I’m sorry, Santa.”

▼ Santa: “…”

It was a bit of a sad ending, but maybe it was for the best that he advised everyone not to buy this product. The way it’s set up feels like ripping off Santa’s head and then urinating or defecating in the gaping wound left behind every time you use the toilet — and that would likely secure you a spot on the naughty list.

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