Park-goers’ Nintendo tastes have become more refined.

Back when Super Nintendo World opened last March, we reported on the five most popular souvenirs at its 1-UP Factory gift shop.

But now that it’s been fully open for several months we thought we’d check back in and ask the staff what items most guests have been having their eyes on and wallets open for.

#5. Princess Peach / Boo Hats

Probably one of the most common sights around this section of USJ is people wearing the iconic Mario and Luigi plumber caps. So naturally, there is no shortage of these at the shop.

But their success has spawned some spin-off gear such as Princess Peach tiaras for those who like to flaunt their feminine side. 

Meanwhile, on the other side of the metaphysical tracks, caps in the shape of Boos are the hot sellers recently.

They do look like they’d keep your head warm during the winter months.

#4. Question Block Cookie Tins

This is the only item that survived from the first list earlier this year, and it’s easy to see why. These cookie tins continue to be a big seller in part due to variety of cookies inside, most notably the vibrantly colored power-up item cookies.

But it’s undoubtedly the chance to own your very own question block that makes these a must-have Super Nintendo World souvenir.

#3. Block Cushions

Speaking of a chance to have your very own block, why not have a whole row of them for a comfy neck pillow? Not only that but they heard you like cushions, so they went and put even more cushions in your cushion so you can cushion while you cushion!

It’s perfect when you need a little extra life or invincibility, which brings us too…

#2. Star T-Shirt

Take on all the Goombas who stand in the way of your daily life by carrying an invincibility star with you everywhere you go. This is also one of those reversible sequin T-shirts and you can turn your star multi-colored with a swipe of the hand.

I would have bought one myself, but I already have “Catch me! Get Power” tattooed on my chest.

#1. Limited Edition Dolls Set

It’s probably no surprise that this collection of all the small plush characters is a highly sought after souvenir. All the favorites are there, from Shy Guy to Luigi, and displayed on a plush pedestal.

Oh wait, actually it is a huge surprise when you look at the price.

▼ 48,000 yen ($424)!!!

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Great! I’ll take five,” but hang on! The fine print below says there’s a limit of only three per customer. That’s certainly an effort to curb resellers from hoarding these attractive items. In fact, USJ recently struck a deal with Japan’s largest online flea market to block the sale of their souvenirs there.

When it comes to what merch is best, I can’t argue with the masses, but a cool item is really in the eyes of the beholder. Personally, there were more than a few other things that struck me as especially neat, so let’s do one more round my personal top 5 Super Nintendo World Souvenirs.

My #5. Chef Kinopio Figure

Back in the food ranking, you might recall my taking a fancy to a little mushroom person flipping burgers in the window. That’s Chef Kinopio and there’s a figure of it for sale!

▼ Just in case you missed it, let’s watch it again

Ah yeah… that’s better than Xanax. Anyway, in addition to his soothing soul, Chef Kinopio is also a USJ-exclusive character, making goods bearing his likeness just that much more collectable.

My #4. Dancing Piranha Plant

This is just a Super-Mario-fied version of those old novelty dancing flowers that wiggle around when you clap or play loud music. However, I was really impressed with the advances made in dancing flower technology. Look at this guy go!

Now just imagine what dancing flowers will be like in the year 2055….

My #3. Bowser Jackets

Mario clothing is undoubtedly the best-selling of the bunch, and with good reason, but I’m always drawn to the bad boys and this rack had it all. Probably the king of the hill in this area was the Bowser sukajan jacket.

If I were sporting one of these, then maybe those turtles at the park would finally stop pushing me around.

My #2. Metallic Nano Puzzle Castles

These seemed pretty neat. They’re kind of like a cross between a paper craft and a puzzle to put together a fairly detailed castle belonging to either Princess Peach or Bowser.

My only qualm is that they’re rather tiny for 2,500 yen ($22) each. Hopefully they can make a non-nano version too sometime down the road.

My #1. Mario Watch

Oh yeah, now you’re playing with power! Can you imagine walking into the club with Bowser on your back and this beauty around your wrist?

Its 10,000 yen ($88) price tag made me remark to P.K. that I wondered if it was real gold. He just laughed at me… and rightfully so in hindsight. Still, it is a nice watch as far as Mario watches go.

The fact that we have two different top 5 lists just goes to show that there’s probably something for everyone at the 1-UP Factory, now more than ever.

And no matter what you buy, you’ll be sure to come out a winner. That’s because you’ll get one of these cool receipts.

Be sure to join us next time we find out what Nintendo fashions are tearing up the scene. I have a good feeling that Chain Chomps will make a big splash in Spring/Summer 2022.

Photos: ©SoraNews24
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