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Top 5 Super Nintendo World souvenirs for winter 2021 according to staff

Park-goers’ Nintendo tastes have become more refined.

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The cutest Rilakkuma toy will make you squee for cuteness and hunger

The most relaxed bear in the world and his family make adorable goods.

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Hello Kitty Now Serving Herself Up as Main Dish for Thanksgiving!

No one can accuse Hello Kitty of being a slacker. She’s constantly involved in projects with popular franchises, and we’ve seen her tackle an unbelievably wide range of jobs from appearing on anime-themed boxer briefs to being featured nude on a T-shirt. She’s also not averse to tolerating a little pain, having been through some baking and steaming in her line of work.

This time, our fearless Miss Kitty endures some roasting, just in time for the Thanksgiving Holidays!
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