Tips from the pros to make sure you don’t miss out on the best merchandise.

Super Nintendo World finally opened its doors to the public at Osaka’s Universal Studios Japan on 18 March, and we were there to preview some of the attractions and attend the grand opening, where legendary series creator Shigeru Miyamoto even graced us with his presence.

With so much to see, do, eat and buy at the bright new world dedicated to Nintendo and its incredibly popular Super Mario Bros. franchise, it can be an overwhelming experience for first-timers, especially those wanting to buy the perfect souvenir while pressed for time during their visit.

We have to admit, we were befuddled when it came to making a selection from the many souvenirs on offer–we simply wanted to buy them all–so to help narrow down our choices, we headed straight to the 1-UP Factory, the largest souvenir shop in the area, to ask staff for advice on the hottest must-buy items visitors should look out for.

▼ The 1-UP Factory is an absolute treasure trove for Super Mario fans.

The 1-UP Factory is definitely the best store to visit in the area, due to its size and the huge variety of goods on offer. And when our Japanese-language reporter P.K. Sanjun approached the staff to get their professional advice on recommended goods, he was pleased to find they were more than happy to share their secrets.

So let’s get to it and take a look at the top five picks below!

Bob-omb Senbei (1,800 yen)

We’re used to seeing Mario and Luigi on a lot of merchandise around Japan, but it’s not every day you get the chance to purchase a Bob-omb to take home with you. Beautifully designed, the level of detail on these makes them look as if they’ve just jumped out of the game, and as an added bonus, they’re filled with 20 senbei rice crackers!

Block Cookie Assortment (1,800 yen)

These look set to become one of the store’s best sellers because, well, who doesn’t want to own their own block to punch goodies out of at home? If you give it a punch with the lid off, you’ll even be able to retrieve some stars and mushrooms, in the form of 36 beautifully designed cookies.

▼ We’re tempted to buy two of these–one to keep and one to eat!

Super Nintendo World Logo Sweatshirt (5,700 yen)

With only one Super Nintendo World in the world, why not tell the world you’re one of the few in the world who’ve been there? The logos on these sweatshirts are simple but instantly recognisable, and they’ll definitely put a spring in your step when you wear them to remind you of your visit.

Mario Plush Hat (3,300 yen)

The quickest way to channel Mario is with a fat red hat, and this one has been designed to look exactly like the one worn by the star character. There are quite a few of these plush hats to choose from, with Luigi and Toad available too, but Mario is definitely the most popular choice in the hat department, followed closely by Yoshi.

Mario’s Beard Glasses (1,700 yen)

Sometimes when you visit the theme park of your dreams, the joy and excitement can take over and lead you to make purchases you normally wouldn’t. These Mario’s Beard Glasses are definitely one of those items.

Really, though, there are so many Super Mario Bros. goods on display here that there’s something for everyone to enjoy, and we just want to buy one of everything in the store!

In addition to the top five items at the 1-UP Factory, we also recommend purchasing a Power Up Band. These bands sync up with your smartphone via the Universal Studios app, allowing you to keep track of your progress as you move through the different sections.

Priced at 3,200 yen, you can keep using these every time you visit Super Nintendo World…provided you don’t break it with all the excited running around you’ll be doing on your first visit!

So, there you have it–the best tips for what to buy during your trip to Super Nintendo World! Don’t miss out on purchasing these goods when you visit, and if you ever get stuck with anything, staff are incredibly friendly and always happy to answer questions and provide further recommendations to suit your needs.

For a closer look at more of what the 1-Up Factory has to offer, as well as the themed meals available at the cafe, check out this story from our pre-opening visit. That’s where you’ll find extra surprises like reusable 1-Up mushroom drink containers and invincibility star popcorn cases, as well as Mario burgers and sweet, edible question blocks.

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