In the lead-up to Christmas, Whip Sugar Icing Cookies made a treat…Three little monsters and a macaron-mounted Christmas tree!

If you’re an avid watcher of YouTube cooking channels you may have noticed the gradual shift to wintry desserts and hearty pastries across the virtual cookery scene. Thumbnails of decadent pies and tarts abound, with some of these online chefs performing manipulations with modeling chocolate and icing sugar that may as well qualify as magic. Standing head-and-shoulders above the crowd of creatives posting their Christmastime crafts is an artist duo that we’ve featured before: Whip Sugar Icing Cookies, a husband-and-wife team who make astoundingly perfect recreations of anime characters using nothing but sweet, edible ingredients.

Yuichiro, the husband in the equation, posted this delicious-looking ornament to his personal Twitter account to a storm of likes and retweets. While using sweets as a motif in Christmas decorations is quite common in Japan, it’s rare to see an actual dessert that has such picture-perfect design elements. Not only does the crimson macaron base look good enough to eat, but it’s topped with several adorable cookie shapes—Pikachu, Pichu, and Raichu, each decorated with its own cute little Christmas cap and cloak.

Even the bases of the designs look flawless, with precision cuts made to carve each cookie into its distinctive Electric-type silhouette.

But once each of those cookies is lined and flooded with royal icing and carefully arranged on top of the tasty base, it becomes something truly special. In his initial tweet, Yuichiro described the base above as a macaron—but it’s actually a South Korean twist on the French classic called a “tunkaron”, which literally means “fat macaron.” Rather than using the typical light spread of filling to connect the two puffed halves of a macaron, a tunkaron goes the whole hog by lathering up layers of thick cream and studding them with decorations. All the better to support this precious little Pikachu family, right?

And for those who want to spend a little longer drinking in the delight of this decorated delicacy, the Whip Sugar duo even has its own dedicated YouTube channel. You can watch skilled hands put together this heart-warming Christmas scene piece by piece.

▼ All to the backdrop of some soothing piano Christmas tunes.

This is only the most recent of their Pokémon baking adventures, with tooth-achingly sweet takes on Piplup, Zorua, and Vulpix scattered throughout their illustrious back catalog.

▼ Hisuian Zorua looks especially tantalizing when rendered in cookie form.

The enchanting color palettes and high level of faithfulness to the original designs make Whip Sugar some of our favorite cookie-based creators on the Internet, and that’s no easily earned honor! Make sure to gaze in wonder at their perfect recreation of the robot from Laputa, and take a gander at the bright little Psyduck cookies they made as well.

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Source, images: Twitter/@YuicihiroG 
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