This Uma Musume is too cute to eat, which is entirely fitting with her real-world inspiration.

One of the biggest entertainment hits of the past year in Japan has been Uma Musume Pretty Derby. “Uma Musume” translates to “horse girl,” and that’s a pretty apt description of the core concept: anthropomorphizing historical real-world race horses as cute anime girls.

Thanks to the collectible nature of its mobile game and the earnest school-sports atmosphere of its TV anime adaptation, Uma Musume’s fanbase continues to grow, which of course means the amount of available merchandise for the series does too. However, that’s not a detailed plastic figure of Uma Musume’s Haru Urara shown above, but a detailed delicious cookie!

The Uma Musume salute is the latest creation from talented otaku-oriented confectionary chef Whip Sugar (@YuicihiroG on Twitter), who’s also the genius behind those Pokémon Psyduck cookies we fell in love with a while back. Whip Sugar works in the edible art medium of icing cookies, and as the making-of video shows, the process is a bit like old-school animation cel production.

Whip Sugar first sketches the character, then cuts out a cookie foundation in the shape of the overall outline, uses different colors of icing for the various individual features in the appropriate colors, and then attaches them to the cookie base.

If the time-lapse video goes by too quickly for you to process everything, Whip Sugar also has a more leisurely paced YouTube version.

As expected, the video has produced multiple comments to the effect of “This is so cute…but I could never eat her!” And really, that’s entirely fitting with the character. The real-life Haru Urara, who competed from 1998 to 2004, ran in a total of 113 races, but didn’t win a single one of them. Along the way, though, she became a sort of folk hero in Japan and a symbol of never giving up in the face of adversity, so a racehorse who never reached the winner’s circle seems like the appropriate inspiration for a cookie that’ll never reach your stomach.

Source: Twitter/@YuicihiroG via IT Media
Images: Twitter/@YuicihiroG
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