Creative confectioner also makes edible Eevee evolutions and Monster Hunter dragon.

Psyduck has a pretty tough life. The poor Pokémon spends most of its waking hours suffering from a headache, and when the stress gets to be more than it can bear, the only way to release it is to send out a blast of psychic energy.

But in a heartwarming development, Psyduck is now living the sweet life, as documented by Japanese Twitter user Whip Sugar (@YuicihiroG).

Whip Sugar regularly posts photos of astoundingly artistic confectionary homages to anime and video game characters, with an emphasis on the cuddly creatures of the Pokémon franchise. These Psyduck sweets come in the form of icing cookies and macaroons, and even feature a few cameos by other familiar faces from the franchise, like Misty/Kasumi

…and some tasty-looking chocolate Pyukumukus swimming in a sea of gelatin.

These Psyducks were actually made by Whip Sugar’s wife, and the loving care put into their individualized expressions represent the roller coaster of emotions that a day in the life of this Pokémon species entails.

Other recent Whip Sugar projects include the myriad Eevee evolutions…

…and, switching to another franchise entirely, some delicious prey from Monster Hunter.

It’s almost hard to believe that these really are desserts, but if you need proof, or simply satisfaction for your burning curiosity about how this level of detail is achieved, Whip Sugar has a YouTube channel with extended looks at the making-of process for various projects.

Of course, these Psyducks being not just edible but bite-sized too might give them even more things to worry about, but in the meantime, they’re putting a smile on our faces even as they give us a rumble in our stomachs.

Top image: Twitter/@YuicihiroG
Insert images: Twitter/@YuicihiroG, YouTube/ホイップシュガーのアイシングクッキー WHIP SUGAR
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