What kind of tires are we supposed to use for that?

There are all sorts of roads out there, from paved roads to dirt roads, multi-lane highways to twisty mountain passes, and everything in between. The one thing roads all have in common, though, is that they’re all in the ground…right?

But one photo from Japanese photographer and Twitter user @mariii_a73 shows what appears to be a road that doesn’t look like it’s in the mood to be bound by that ordinarily unbreakable rule of the road, or even the laws of physics for that matter. Part-way to the horizon it seemingly decides, “You know what? Instead of going forward, if it’s cool with everybody, I’m just gonna go up instead,” and it’s not like there’s a hill or anything where it suddenly and steeply changes elevation.

With 127,000 like and counting, the picture has definitely got people’s attention, so what’s going on? Well, those blue lights in the foreground are a hint, because the photo of the road to the sky was taken at…

Osaka International Airport, a.k.a. Itami Airport. Aviation aficionados will recognize the blue lights as part of the runway illumination, and @mariii_a73 achieved her beautiful sky road shot by using an extra-slow shutter speed to take a photo as a plane was taking off, turning the light from its exterior markers into solid lines in the image.

@mariii_a73 describes her artistic sensibilities with “I love colorful things!”, and her knack for high-contrast compositions means that she’s got no shortage of amazing nighttime and twilight photos in her portfolio.

She can still make a largely single-color shot sing, though, as proven by the beautiful tranquility she captured at this Kyoto temple staircase

…and at Shiga Prefecture’s Hikone Castle during central Japan’s recent snowstorms.

So while it turns out there isn’t really a road that goes right up into the sky, @mariii_a73 consistently manages to take us someplace magical with her photography.

Source: Twitter/@mariii_a73 via IT Media
Top image: Twitter/@mariii_a73
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